First Week Sales Projections For Lupe Fiasco & Joey Bada$$

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  • damarcus

    Both of lupe and joey’s are lyrically bangers

  • OhRyanT

    NO surprise, Lupe has been shit since The Cool.

    • Tony

      this album is actually really good though, it is a major comeback album. Try listening to “mural” and reading the lyrics to it. It is his most lyrical song to date

      • OhRyanT

        Mural and Little Death are the only ones worth listening too. But only having two good songs on an album is a failure in my eyes.

        • DeuceClub

          If you think there are only two good songs on here, your opinion on hip hop isn’t one anyone should care about. You’ve gone out of your way to be anti-Lupe on every Lu article… Quit being a bitch and go play the album hoe

  • MikeMaine24

    both are nice as fuuck, I’d give lupe the slight edge just because his was more of as complete album mural, blur my hands, dots & lines, And the song with ab-soul goes inn. The whole summer fall winter spring this is so beautiful too

  • Y. A. Lateef

    Got T&Y yesterday! Very dark, and I feel passionate album. Could not believe the transformation that Lupe has made over the years. Pretty much the only CD I will buy this year. Still the most illest lyrics out there. Honestly, don’t know the other dude. I’m old school! Don’t really get into the bullshit in music today. Lupe I respect! Even with LASERS being questionable, I appreciated the G.A.R.A. cause I got a bit of Revolutionary in me. The rest of these dudes got some work to do as far as I’m concerned. Street shit is played. Same shit almost every time. Lupe on some other shit. Real shit to me. Once hip hop comes with something worth hearing (past the beats, cause the music these days is serious), then i’ll be willing to put out for some of these newer cats. But for now, Lupe gets it! Ret of yall trying to figure it out!

  • Terrance Alexander

    B4.DA.$$ is the first album from a NY artist since Biggie that embodies everything that NY is…. That old school boom-bap with Joey’s super-confident delivery is just a masterpiece. I think he’s the most promising rapper on the east coast atm. Alot of people aren’t really accepting these new day “enlightened” rap artists like joey, UA, and Flatbush but they’re paving the way.