Fetty Wap Says He’s Deleting His Life Because He Finally Met Gucci Mane

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  • frankwhitedc

    Damn first again . Do ninjas even comment anymore

  • Mr.Weed_Wacker

    @Fetty Wap that’s dope news brotha! #DoYou


    Delete those clip on dreads bro foh

    • Craig

      thank you

    • Melo

      Facts! Even if it’s Brazilian hair. Squaawww

  • Zero

    Not many people are that happy after accomplishing life goals. Even though I don’t really fuck with his music I salute the man and his achievements.

  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    Damn he looked angry and hurt

  • ilikemusic.

    hell yea Gucci out here saving the game!!!! Wack MCs hanging it up and shit! GUWOPPPP

  • lol @ the gucci clone plot twist

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Lmao, both of em tight.

  • bigwangslanger

    Fetty Wap better hold on to that 5 mill bc them 8 baby mommas gonna be asking for more.

    • Keith Shaun

      i was gonna say the same shyt.. he aint quitting nothing when all them hoes going be in his pocket. he gotta continue even if he dont want too lol

      • bigwangslanger

        10 years later he will be featured on a local rappers song talking about yeaaa babyy, 1738! Lmao

  • The Incredible

    Damn. The nigga had goals and made it happen. Can’t even be mad at that.

  • How this nigga went from a brush cut to dreadlocks? This nigga is lame and i Hope this niggas and his garbage ass music go the fuck away.

  • Colin

    Does that mean other shitty rappers will quit too if they meet their idol? If so, Make a Wish needs a new chapter just for the music industry!

  • Anton Zhukov

    I love Fetty Wap but seems like his idol made him quit music. Is he only into this for the cash? Gucci says he cares about paper too but he releasing music still to this day. It shows he truly loves what he does. That is what I respect in any artist, regardless of how famous and rich they are. I guess you gotta know when to quit but this is definitely a surprise.

    • SwagVader Jefferson

      hes jokin lmao

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  • A Jay

    Yes delete everything and never rap again! #deletebrothernero

  • Astronaut

    My nigga you doing hip hop a favor. Im celebrating. Yeahhhhh baby. “Fetty voice”

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