Fetty Wap Paid Big Money For Fresh New Set Of Chompers [PHOTOS]

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  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Well he already had the fake dreads so fuck it why not? Fake hair, fake teeth, man I wouldn’t be surprised if this nigga didn’t take a mask off like one of the mission impossible movies and it’s a totally different person under there..#thisgeneration #smh

  • Astronaut

    Bra bout to stary smiling like Kodak now.

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    So we gone ignore the fact that he could’ve gotten an eyeball for that price? We gone act like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a nigga walking around with a dead eye? Even if he was broke he could’ve been cranked that Sagat or Doe B. Walking around looking like Raiden by the eye

    • weeday420

      he said he doesn’t wear it to inspire other kids going through that situation that its ok to be different and you don’t need to have prosthetic to fit it with people and do big things without getting looked at weird

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        So we gone ignore the fact that he already has fake dreads, now fake teeth? lol All that “be yourself” “don’t try to fit in” shit went out the window when the bread came…lol I’m with bro, might as well get the eye transplant too while he at it….Go hard or go home I guess

        • bushay914nyc

          I dont think they ignored it they ezposed him wen he came out the new era stupid look they let him in uzi yatcj all these trash rappers ….rickross a x co he hear 50 got no bars he hear an boomin …jadakiss best of all time an hets shittied on fuck the game an people

    • Joshua Spurgeon

      No. The eye is a part of his identity. i think it’s a smart move to keep his eye like that honestly.

  • Genos

    wtf you think? is a diamond grill worth the cash? lol if its not worth it wtf are we to tell em and he worked for the money? niggas make a living commenting on another nigga life. lmao that feels good?

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      I don’t know. Does it? Maybe ask Charlamagne The God, Steven A Smith, or the thousands of other commentators. They seem like they enjoying life

      • Genos

        i didnt ask how the benefits of doing it feel. lol rather how it feels to know that you have to wake up and stalk another mfers life for a living and if its a slow day you have to talk about how they only wiped their asses once today. smartass 🙂

        sports commentators and radio personas gossiping are two different lanes. one involves actual statistics, debates and qualifications. ones literally damn near just stalking.

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          I guess guy. So you’ve never heard a sports’ commentator discuss rumors? Interesting. Your favorite sport must be Cricket

  • Richie C zzz 100


  • Poopmaster

    Damn 80k that’s crazy