Fetty Wap Has Made Huge Money In The Stock Market

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  • BOny Soprano

    anybody else smell bullshit?

    • BDrivens

      get paid to advertise the company, why not instagram a little lie

      • Anthony

        LoL ya’ll Cold Blooded hahahahaaaaaaa..

      • Poopmaster

        Haha I can see that too

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      Word, like birdmans oil Company or souljaboys crazy hundreed million dollar contract

    • Poopmaster

      Maybe not that much…but seriously I’ve been telling my boys” all we gotta do is make one stupid ass catchy song make our doe then invest” I’m not into all that mainstream shit like chains and rims I’m into making doe and keeping it coming if you know the right people you can turn a lil into a lot…all these dumbass rappers have no idea…perfect example is tyga that is one dumb fucking nigga

      • My Starting 5

        Poop master ur rap name? If it is u ain’t sellin shit in all seriousness.

        • Poopmaster

          Nigga you wouldn’t know serious if it fucking hit you in the face…are you retarded? Why would my rap name be poopmaster . This is my blog account.poopmaster because I’m the master at talking my shit, plus when I comment it usually when I’m taking a shit and man made Girthy toilet clogger …I bet you have disantary and suffer from malnourishment

          • My Starting 5

            Lol now I know ur shit wack af hahaha give it up

          • Supreme Trunks

            ^ lmaoo

          • Frank White

            i mean lowkey if your rap name is Poopmaster it could get some extra buzz cuz people would be like “what the fuck”…sets you apart in some way

          • Poopmaster

            True I like your point haha

    • HotlineQueef

      only because a bull fucked my ass hole

  • d1gord

    Prolly gone rob him though lol. But that’s a good look if it’s true

  • Mec-One

    Not even Buffet would make that claim ….. smh

    • My Starting 5

      U find 20x profit odd too?

      • Mec-One

        Very …… I seriously doubt it happened …… there was a few runs for 2016 but not enough to turn 1 mil into 20 mil ……. nah bruh

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    IF this is true i hope he sold all his stocks and runs with his 20ms

  • My Starting 5

    Very smart to invest ur money in more than women n jewlery. But the money he made in this market in an election year is kinda funny. 20x wat u invested? Gimme that name nigga lol

  • A Jay

    Yeuhhhh baeeee

  • My Starting 5

    Thanks. Good luck with ur raps.

  • My Starting 5

    Np poopmaster

  • Twiz

    Naw bruh. Lets that portfolio or you lying