Fetty Wap Brings Huge Stacks To Court To Pay Small Fine

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  • BrodieThaGod


  • Astronaut

    This is what being a pussy does for you

  • Coy7

    Hes so trash

  • dhusu


  • DeAndre

    When you become rich with no class.

    • Mike Donovan

      class is a fake word passed down to you by the conqueror. Class in the face of the jersey township that gave him the fines. being a pussy and laying down with “class” while being disrespected. Social media and hijacked by whites blm movement and guys like you prove why the respect level rises, Youre in line

      • WhoIsMeekMill?&kidcudi


        • Mike Donovan

          conquerors dick in your mouth

      • LoveBoat2smooth

        What’s fag

        • Mike Donovan

          meaningless words

          • LoveBoat2smooth

            Your comments are meaningless trying to get deep into your feeling on a comment on a article on a website only a few people read.

          • Mike Donovan

            Its a comment section. I posted my opinion. you are trying way to hard to hate Youre already basic and predictable. Muthafuckas use fag as an insult and think thats heavy you were deep in your feeling then

          • LoveBoat2smooth

            No its just funny because your a fag

          • Mike Donovan

            there that teenage nah nah boo boo shit again

          • Mike Donovan

            by the way… whats up with that corny as screen name. know youre old as fuck with that shit… you forgot aka butta…. youre the faggot

          • LoveBoat2smooth

            I have the freshest username in the world. Why you so mad mike.

          • Mike Donovan

            male midget fetish?

          • LoveBoat2smooth


          • Mike Donovan

            i knew it. i commend you. in a world of niggas who are afraid to be who they are. you showed strength.

          • LoveBoat2smooth

            That’s what it’s all about Mike

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    A fool and his money shall soon part ways

  • kobe


  • Kick rocks

    let the man rock out if you dont know ceder grove cops dont like blacks

  • Vaped Krusader

    Real rich people have a thing called check card, or maybe even a money market account. New money has cash that doesn’t accrue interest. No wonder why a rapper who sold what 50 did is now broke. Look forward to buying the iPhone 9 of Fetty down the line.

    • Mike Donovan

      nigga fuck off with this ho ass in line shit.

      1, you dont know
      2. Fuck you for your Afrikan laced rant
      3. These white be trippin.
      4, He;s n a jersey township[

      If I could id put a money thrower on my dick and shoot the money at the window and pay that fine too

      • WhoIsMeekMill?&kidcudi


  • Yungn_rAH210

    Never leave your eye drops in a hot car or your eyes will look like fetty waps

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    stupid just pay your fine and stop showin off lol then its gonna turn from 360 to 360,000 lol

  • ITS ME

    if i had money i’d stunt like this sometimes too fuck it

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