Fetty Wap Announces A New EP

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  • ChiCity300

    sucker music

  • Watch how when he stop being popular to the public these faggot ass niggas will say some shit like “yall niggas sleeping on him hes underrated”

    • Omar Merlos

      Fukk no bruh, he came straight out the gates garbage af

      • He is. To the public hes good. I turn the channel everytime I see one of his vids lol.

  • ilikemusic.

    “Droppin a EP soon all songs nobody ever heard”……WHERE’S THE P.S.!?! ‘but all these songs sound like all my songs everybody already heard.’ lol facts

    • Francine Fleming

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  • luis rosario

    Stop this nigga from making it hes fucking terrible. who wants to start a petition to kick this wack ass nigga off the face of the earth.