Famous Dex Blasts XXL Editor For Saying Beating Girlfriend Left Him Off Freshman List

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  • BrodieThaGod

    Fuck this guy. Beat his girl, but she for some reason stayed with him so he thinks it’s okay. Only weak ass men put their hands on a female like that.

    • Craig

      I don’t think he realize most women stay in their abusive relationships. It’s part of the sickness…. he just exposed himself with that dumb rant. I ain’t go to jail.. she ain’t bleeding… nigga you windmilled her ass on camera.

      • Cultured

        Y’all right, but he did admit he made a bad decision. He’s not denying it, he’s just saying she didn’t need to speak on it. I don’t know him but I feel like he knows he did wrong.

  • smith jones

    Lol lame was. Stfu

  • I’ll say it again man…we can’t let how women feel about domestic violence dictate the respect a person receives for their craft or what accolades they shd receive.

    yea yea yea we get it hitting women is bad and all. but that’s got jack shit to do with whether or not you are good at your profession.

    men have to stop allowing women to be the gate keepers to masculine activities and culture.

  • Da Truth

    Safe to say he ll beat her ass too

  • Mec-One

    He probably went and beat his girl over this …… it’s all her fault after all for getting beat ………

  • kushxchevys

    “She wasnt bleeding”

    • Craig

      Right lil nigga is slow AF

      • kushxchevys

        Now a days g calling a girl a bitch will catch u a case of verbal abuse domestic violence shits bullshit haha

  • FaboLoso

    “You acting like I went to jail. Bitch, I ain’t go to jail. She wasn’t bleeding, lame ass hoe”

    lol that’s how you defend yourself? you didn’t go to jail and she wasn’t bleeding, look I don’t agree with them leaving him off the list for something that happened years ago but all he did was make a bad situation worse, at least show remorse for what you did..

  • Craig

    What do you do when you get left off the freshman list for physically abusing a chick….. you verbally abuse one…. smart move there Dexter.

  • Craig

    Fuck wrong wit deez niggas man

  • Mikejones

    i mean truthfully he has a good point, this is about artists and their music not their lifestyle and what they do the nigga don’t promote beating women in his songs so its kinda eh; but to top this off look what we have here a white woman informing us on music derived from the black community makes too much sense

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    This nigga is so fuckin whack