Faizon Love Claims Snoop Dogg Could Have Stopped 2Pac’s Death

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  • bruh it so many crip sets in la and shit loads of them beef with each other. even if he wanted to, snoop prolly wouldn’t have been able to intervene in that

  • Some just got paid to throw people off lol

  • You mad huh?

    Pac died because he pretended to be a thug until he actually became one and by then he was too deep the game.

  • Pac gets into infamous brawl w crip at hotel casino in Vegas
    Snoop not even in Vegas at the time
    Pac shot the same night
    How the fuck is snoop supposed to prevent this shit….

    SIDE NOTE: WTF is up with these grown ass men making some conspiracy video about another man without first confronting that man
    Social media turned everyone into pussy ass in yo biz ass trolls