Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Dead

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  • Alex Lowery

    What does this have to do with hip hop exactly?

    • Je’sus

      He looks like suge knight that’s why I’m guessing.

  • Melo

    I thought this was a hip-hop site. Wtf

  • d1gord

    He was listening to lil yachty when he killed himself. I would have to. #HipHop

  • TheRenaissanceMan

    should light his bitchass on fire

  • kushxchevys

    He should have just done that since the begining why take those 14 kids grandfather for his own personal reasons this world is cold and fucked up

  • Mike Savage

    You weak bitch tryna act like a goon but only shoot a grandpa.
    I don’t believe he shot more people than that old man.

  • _Cvee27

    What’s this got to do with hip hop?

  • The King Of Armageddon

    ya’ll ain’t peeping game, it’s hip-hop………………..news lmao. Anyway, fuck dude for his bullshit antics!!

  • ChiTownT

    This again just shows how much of a coward ass bitch he was. He shot an unarmed old man but wouldnt dare square up with the police