Ezekiel Elliot Pulls A Girl’s Top Down [VIDEO]

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  • KingoftheLand

    Yup brought it on himself, and there is video proof.

  • ChiTownT

    I’m about to create a resume for my 8yr old son because clearly HHE hires anybody to be a fucking editor.

    • flex

      Bruh… Did them niggas mean “vary”? Mofucka wrote very lmaooo

      • ChiTownT

        FR G! I had to read that shit twice

    • Whitedude

      I feel like my campaign against the editing on this site has really raised awareness among my fellow readers. Lol

  • JohnWiick

    Straight up creep move right there and totally inappropriate. But then the bitch goes and hangs out with him…smh.

    • NYCityKid

      Word. But don’t act like from in the shirt you ain’t wan see them shits

    • Frank White

      this nigga said inappropriate…what are we…6?

      • JohnWiick

        No dumb nigga, you the only one here that is 6.

        Yeah, let me just start poppin’ titties out next time I stroll through Times Square. Cause that is totally appropriate. SMH.

        • Frank White

          I’m just sayin dog..when u use the word innapproriate u sound like a 3rd grade school teacher…

  • Willf

    lol; this world is hella weird…….

  • ilikemusic.

    Everyone’s favorite Ewok…bihhh im dead

  • Supreme Trunks

    That’s why u can’t get too drunk as a rich celeb. Nun he can do but settle out of court.