Eric Andre Rips Kodak Black & XXXTentacion For Assaulting Women

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  • Dj Cage

    So a shitty adult swim comedian starts telling people to stop listening to two niggas who haven’t been convicted yet, and in ones case the evidence shows he probably didn’t do it. Makes sense.

  • HotlineQueef

    ever since he started fucking that 1 big faced bitch he fell off. women always projecting their own values onto you lol

    • yunglawnchair


  • MartyMcFly

    Their music isnt good enough to know about their private lives anyway

    • L boog

      Project bby 2 cold bruh

      • Ryuk’s Last Apple

        No Co-defendants

        • Johnathan Dough

          Roll in peace, unexplainable…shit that whole album goes hard.

  • perfect

    So according to XXX Eric Andre is supposed to support XXX because hes young despite him beating up on a pregnant chick. What the fuck is wrong with people?

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      Xxx is somethin else man and it’s a sad ass shame.

  • Imwhite

    Also worth mentioning that after XXX halfway-decent rebuttal he tweeted “I’m not scared to fuck your underaged sister in her throat though.” Before deleting it