Eminem Might Come For Drake

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  • T guest

    HHE be reaching hard so they can get more views n comments

  • Jamie Mcdaniel

    Trust me Drakelyn Jenner don’t want none of that smoke. Em will fuck his Lil cute career up

    • Bob Ripley

      Well said… Drake could never touch em… Em is on a whole different level than you drake you better recognize

  • Christina Romano

    LMFAOO, EM will Murk Drake. hahahahaa

    • BlackFox Simmer

      Don’t Do it Drake Please Don’t Do it!!

  • Towlie

    drake and ja rule are similar in so many way. fan based filled with emotional fagos and females. i hope em kills him

    • Nos4A2

      Em is already killin Drake and he ain’t even say shit. Em fans are doin it for him.

  • Tony

    Drizzy didn’t even take care of Joe, never mind Em!

  • BrodieThaGod

    Please let this happen

    • BROOKLYN_ Boi _1Da

      Yesplease!!! Shaaaaady (50 voice)

  • Chill Life

    If he didn’t start with budden he is not going to start with shady.

    • SY


    • Matt Leon

      Exactly. With Budden, he was at least able to hide behind the whole relevancy argument but he can’t do that with Em.

  • thedudesrug

    “Mutha fuck around in this bitch and roast everybody”.

  • Rhymeschemin

    did I just read that right? Drake said he has something for Em? What? is he trying to commit career suicide?

  • Drake you have nothing for Slim. You got some disses for a guy who’s clowned on himself about how hes got a small dick on wax? Or maybe.. yeah this would be a good one, maybe you can make fun of him for being a white rapper lulz.

    Drake you are a studio gangster with a team of ghost writers. You’re a little bitch. And I can say that even as a privileged/blessed white male, because I don’t try to be someone I’m not and am true to myself and others.

    • Boo Gotti

      Lol stfu

      • tanner elgie

        lol your so called 6 god and his team of shity ghost writers is a about to feel the wrath of shady

    • Pinche Chinche

      Did u really just check your own privilege? goddamn gotta fucking love this generation.

      • Astronaut

        No point in denying it.

    • Astronaut

      Said that with tears coming down ya cheek

    • wajster

      You’re not “blessed” because you’re white you fucking idiot….. White is just a majority right now so naturally the country is biased in white favor (which most white people try to deny). What about 30-40 years from now, where white isn’t a majority in America anymore. Are you still “blessed” then? Use your brain dumbass….

  • tanner elgie

    haahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhaaahahhahahha a singing nigga coming for a legend fuck outta here its like a prius fucking with a monster truck

    • Boo Gotti

      Lmmfao now that was funny hahaha fucking prius I’m dead

    • James Davia

      more like a smart car against a Nissan skyline GT-R GT3 nismo.

    • Mondo

      First off f### all drake fans…this weenie of an artist ain’t nowhere near Eminem’s level of what em considers wack what is that fag mfr going to do sing his way out on some hotling bling crying shit I don’t understand what the whole fuss about drake is I just want it to come to an end already!!!

  • Boo Gotti

    This might be just Wat Drizzy been waiting for to shock the world fuc eminem and his suicidal ass rhymes he only got that big because he was the first white boy who could actually rap that got put on a national platform. This ain’t no 8 mile movie tho n y’all can dic ride all u want eminem BEEN overrated his wordplay

    • gram parsons

      nigga please……

    • BrodieThaGod

      If Drake pull out the W people still gonna find some way to discredit the man. But killing legends definitely the best way to establish credibility

      • tanner elgie

        drake couldnt kill anything let alone a legend fuck outta here

        • BrodieThaGod

          Sit the fuck down boy, Drake top 5 doa, he a legend himself

          • tanner elgie

            hahhaha cant be a legend if you dont write your own shit if anything it would be his ghost writer who’s top 5 but even the ghost writers hes got suck fuck outta here

          • BrodieThaGod

            Tell that to the legends that put him in the same league as him. I’m not stating my opinion, I’m stating other legends opinion so yours don’t mean shit. Like I said, take a seat

      • Kasun Madusanka

        Drake ain’t fucking with Em with his ghost writing ass. fuck outta here

    • Jack Hammeke

      How’s drakes dick taste bruh?

    • Eminem is far from the first white boy to get on and be dope….so shut yo ass up. If you knew hip hop you’d know better. And Drake ain’t fucking with Eminem in no kind of why when it come to this rap game.

      • Realahhnigga

        Mind telling us who was?

        • 3rd Bass, Miilkbone, Beastie Boys was dope. House of Pain I could keep going…

          • The Incredible

            Damn Miilkbone, haven’t seen that name dropped in a minute. My OG’s put me on him when I was younger. Dude was nice with it.

          • He still dope and make music too. Still nice too.

          • Stavros Hölbling

            thanks man. telling Young dudes about the culture – W

          • I drop some knowledge when I can lol

    • NeezDuts

      Eat that dickkkkkkkkkkk

    • Towlie

      drake is the defintion of overrated

      • Imventing

        wheres the mixtape?

        • Towlie

          september it drops ,towlie vs the world

          • Imventing

            Waiting for it bruh

    • Chicagoan

      Aubrey hoe ass need 81 mfs to drop a album, peep credits nigga! Aint nobody ever wrote for Em, NEVER EVER NIGGA! kill yo whole damn family then kill yoself, u and the rest these aubrey dickriders cosignin the fuck shit and wonder why the rap game fucked up, fuckin dumb mfs!

      • Boo Gotti

        Damn didn’t Kendrick actually have 81 writers on TPAB in real life.??? N who tf are u to speak on the state or the rap game.??? Lmao Chicagoan fuc u and yo fucn drill music hoe YO CITY IS THE REASON THE RAP GAME FUCD UP now go on a citywide killing spree and end it with yourself hoe.

        • Chicagoan

          Who the fuck said anything about lame ass kendrick?!?! Get off the fuck off my dick, fuckin dumb ass nigga. Just cuz u from somewhere don’t mean they cosign the music that come from there, u simple minded fuck! You same nigga that upvotes my comments and turns around tries to be on some shit. U worse a than female. Punk ass lil nigga, get off my dick from 3 days ago.

    • BrodieThaGod

      But if you want real white, suicidal music $uicideboy$ outta Nola be killin shit, def better than Eminem.

    • Kevoox

      Eminem overrated ? Because of a Views album ? Foh. You done riding that dick now you’re worshipping it. Comparing a 6 thot to a rap god. It’s like the Fiji islands trying to conquer America

  • lmfao

  • OsamaBmelo666 .

    Gucci been talk shit about M and Ms so maybe we will see a brawl

    • tanner elgie

      gucci will get murked to

      • OsamaBmelo666 .

        I doubt Gucci will let a white guy kill him

        • tanner elgie

          he dont have the skill to take on em

          • AT

            Yeah you can’t mumble on a diss track just ask Meek Mill haha

          • Meek Screams.

    • MisterRobott

      I thought all he said was Eminem isn’t something he would bump in his car. Unless there’s more to it he didn’t talk shit. Just the retarded hip fans dont care about substance or quality anymore they just want some senseless garbage that they can get fucked up to.

      • OsamaBmelo666 .

        I think it was a Diss. I think he meant Black people shouldnt be bumping ole M and Ms. Eminem is as such senseless garbage as anything you are talking about

        • MisterRobott

          Em’s verse on Compton is better than Gucci’s entire catalog. He might have some stupid songs but he’s one of the most lyrical emcee’s to this date. Putting eminem in the same category as young thug, who has proven he can’t spit countless amount of times, or desiigner who isn’t original completely copied future’s style and can’t even explain his own lyrics without reading them off his phone. No, not everyone likes eminem he’s not for everyone. But to say he’s senseless garbage then you obviously don’t respect lyricists when you hear one. You probably think the 16 freshman class are legends in the making,

          • OsamaBmelo666 .

            Who cares about M and Ms. Only white people stick up for him. All he does is Joke raps. Im white and I think he sucks. You can say all day long hes the greatest but we all know you are white and you love M and Ms because he is white and you think you are hard when you listen to him. M and Ms changed rap music for white people but I still think hes weak and only Fags really like he music. Old people rock to M and Ms. Hes lame

          • MisterRobott

            Everything about your statement is false lmao. Almost every single rapper in the game has admitted to the skill level Eminem has. The Game, Kendrick, J. Cole, Kurrupt, Jigga, Redman, Hopsin, Jarren Benton, Tyler, The Creator, Big Sean, Chance The Rapper, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nas, Rakim, Tech N9NE, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Ice T, KRS 1, Jadakiss, Curren$y, DMX. So shut the fuck about only white people like Eminem you corny fuck. That’s why he’s the highest selling rap artist of all time and still the only one with 2 diamond records. If he was so lame then why is everyone scared to go after him? gtfo. You obviously haven’t listened to him well enough to say all he does is joke raps. I listen to him because he’s a hell of a story teller with crazy rhyme schemes and I can relate to how he came up. Keep listening to Gucci pretending you’re hard and shit.

          • OsamaBmelo666 .

            You just believe that and keep listening to your joke raps featuring Dildo. Sure everyone gives him props for having skills. I wont lie. He does have some skills. But so does Mackelmore and Snow. Just dont keep come saying Hes Hard and gonna murder Gucci. Pretty much all them rappers you mentioned are lame too and soft. Dont worry Gay Robot, I will keep listening to Gucci and I aint pretending.

          • OsamaBmelo666 .

            As for the Diamond records….. Theres millions of dumb white people in the world, and they love some terrible music. Look, Kenny Rogers and U2 are millionaires. Brittany Spears probably had a Diamond record too. I bet you are big fans of them too. Didnt Em do a song with Elton John too. Talent I tell you 🙂

          • MisterRobott

            Haha you just another clown behind a keyboard. You can’t read can you? No wonder you bump Gucci. Who said he was hard and was going to murder him? He’s more talented for sure. And could def kill him in a rap battle. What does him having a song with Elton John have to do with anything? You probably listen to young thug who dresses more like a bitch than an openly gay mf. Go ahead and rock your mini skirts and finger nail polish acting like you’re from the street. You just another internet thug probably sitting on a computer his mom bought for him. You just admitted he has talent that’s all I was saying is even if you don’t like him you can’t say he’s not a lyricists who’s senseless garbage. You either a lame ass troll with nothing better to do or you just don’t know hip hop at all if you think all those rappers are lame. I know you have no valid points whatsoever because you resorted to insults for someone having a difference in opinion in music.

          • OsamaBmelo666 .

            I can read fine. You must be the one that cant read well. What are you French or something ? You and everyone else keeps saying How Hard Em is ? He sucks as bad as you do Gay robot. So what he can spit some ryhmes. He aint Hard. He is Studio. He does songs with Elton John. Hes is Bitch. Just like you Gay Robot.. If im a Troll, what the fuck are you, a Hacker. lol You only hack gay porn. This conversation was never about Skills with me. It was about M and Ms not being hard and I dont think Black people have respect for him. Maybe my opinion doesnt count, but I said it and you are just another angry white guy that got molested by his mom and relates to Em. He might be a Lyrical genuis but he still is Lame and washed up really. I hasnt been relative for years. White people just wont let him die. I guess he is a legend just like Elton John. Two queers stand tall there.


          • MisterRobott

            Lol yeah you just another bitch made fag boy on the freshman class’ dick. You obviously don’t know what it is you’re talking about. You contradicted yourself there dumbass. I get it. You were in slow classes and didn’t learn how to read very well. It’s cool. There’s no winning an argument with a retard. Not sure how calling me a hacker is an insult. Hacking gay porn sites? Wow the amount of stupidity in that post. The only point I was making is that he is lyrical never once did I say he was “hard”. He is studio? So what he did a song with Elton John. Most rappers you probably listen to fuck with Young Thug and that dude probably sucked more dicks than Elton ever did. Not sure how selling millions of records and still the number 1 selling rap artist of all time constitutes him as washed up. Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti 8 Mile 8 Mile isn’t a song. No matter what you say there isn’t a rapper that’ll catch up to Em. With that being said your point is invalid. So is your opinion. A little confused on how you can have an opinion that black people don’t fuck with Eminem when I literally listed nothing but black rappers who do. Bottom line is Gucci would be lucky if he ever goes platinum much less 170x over. He can’t even enunciate his words properly. There’s no way he could hold his own with someone who’s known to be a vicious battle rapper and has ended careers doing so. I made my point and you even said he was a lyrical genius. That’s all I needed to hear. You literally made the argument for me. So thanks for that you dipshit.

          • OsamaBmelo666 .

            You are so right Gay Robot. You are Gay and do suck Ems Balls. I have nothing really to say to you. You go on about the same shit over and over. Im sure Em will give you a kiss and hold your hand for standing up for him. You keep doing your research and you will figure out how many cocks both Elton John and Young Thug sucked. Dont worry, You are close behind. You keep sucking and you will win someday.

            Just to let you know Battle rapping is for Kids and its really dumb. You would like it thou. And Spaghetti is a song.. Dave Chappelle queer Gay Robot.

            White people are the only reason Em is the high selling artist ever. You just dont get it

          • MisterRobott

            It’s so comical how moronic you truly are. You probably got a cock in your mouth right now dreaming of Gucci. You the type to get turnt in prison for the fun of it. You pretty much argued with yourself and lost. My point was already made. I was just trying to see why you thought he was senseless garbage but you wanted be a troll ass cocksucking bitch about it. I mean you must really love dick to keep thinking about it. I’m sure you’re sitting in some dude’s lap right now trying to come up with an insult like gay robot. That you had to repeat 6 times. We get it you wish I was a gay robot. Half of Gucci’s fanbase is white tf you talking bout? Nobody gives a fuck about some retarded virgin’s opinion on hip hop. Battle rapping is for kids lol. What are you like 13? Jesus you’re one dumb mf

          • OsamaBmelo666 .

            Ahhhhh You getting Mad Gay Robot. I thought Em was coming for people. The only person M and Ms is cuming for is Dr Dre and your buddy Elton and hes cuming on their faces. Its funny how you stick up for Elton John. Sure Young Thug is a weirdo but Elton John is a complete fag and you like him. Suits you thou, Gay Robot and the Rocket man. Spaghetti Spaghetti

          • OsamaBmelo666 .


  • Dillz

    I doubt this will happen tbh

  • Eptoday

    Em isnt going to waste his time. Last time i checked these two well respected each other.

    • BrodieThaGod

      Maybe for sport tho. Drakes excuse for Budden is he not relevant. Can’t say the same about Em..

  • BrodieThaGod

    My main issue is how credible is Ebro to say that? I don’t think Em would come for Drake but if he did say “I got something for him” that might just be enough for Em to try it

    • AT

      I was thinking the same thing. Ebro sounds like is reaching just to stay relevant, They both pussy if they gonna have “a talk” but not say it on the air.

  • James-America

    After everything that’s happened this summer, listening to Eminem destroy Drakes career would be sweet solace.

  • Mike Taylor

    Same mfs on here talking about em gon do this em gon do that drake gon get bodied blah blah blah are the same ones got the nigga songs on repeat trying be jus like that singing ass nigga but tell me this what rap battle or beef whatever you want to call it has drake lost……………. don’t worry I’ll wait the man is untouchable as an mc em better sit his old ass down

    • Fatts Marley

      He let common treat him like a cold whore…..Luda cold carried him and he never responded……I fuck wit drake but he not ready for Eminem lyrically……just think about it……who had the best verse on “Forever” plus this would be a battle something Eminem basicly started his career from…..I’m not saying drake wouldn’t have some tight bars….I just think Em would KO him wit one song

      • Boo Gotti

        “We all do it for the art so i could never hate tho, signin off on more deals than a lawyer wit a heavy caseload, how the game turn into the Drake Show?? Dawg, wtf happen to so n so, where did they go??? Too worried bout bitches n fashion, they go missin in action … N then u never notice they’re missin, on some Hunger Games shit I will die for my District.”

        • BrodieThaGod

          Fuckin bars bro Ima have to hit that shit up its been a min

      • BrodieThaGod

        Common was early on, and he didn’t back down, he came back until he knew he was outclassed. Luda (who a legend in my book) was on some in his feelings shit over one comment. As far as Forever goes, I personally think Em had the worst verse. For me it’s Ye, Wayne, Drake, Em. And I don’t hate em by any means.

      • Boo Gotti

        Looks like drake done went up against some heavy hitters even tho they all came at him first eminem is like Floyd mayweather, yes true he’s undefeated but he doesn’t fight anyone worth mentioning in fear of breaking his “win streak” smh stop it please

    • AT

      Name a real rapper he has one against? Meek Mill couldnt even put together a real response and that common shit was wack all around. He is far from untouchable. Em probably is too old and hasnt really done anything in awhile to go after him but Drake only raps on features and just does his wack sing rap with Rihanna and a dancehall beat on his albums.

      • Young Flacko

        He just started that dancehall shit, don’t try to lump all his albums with that shit lmao.

    • AT

      I think you mean his ghostwriter is untouchable haha

    • Matt Leon

      Did you just say that??? Yeah I got Drake’s views album on my phone but that’s all. I got Shady’s last 3 albums on my phone and even though I change my music regularly, I never take any of Em’s music off my phone but a Drake album stays on there a short time. Eminem may have some years on Drake but that means nothing bruh. I can tell some people are going to start using Eminem’s age as an excuse to deny that Drake took an L too.

    • Boo Gotti

      Better yet Wat rap battle or beef has eminem BEEN in that was worth something.? Ja rule.?? No 50 had that handled, benzino.?? Gtfoh. Mariah Carey.??? Lmfao plz tell me who eminem has bodied worth mentioning besides them niggas in 8 mile Lmfao I’ll wait ……

  • DonPierre

    He don’t have noting for Joe either .. how he sounds right now???

  • OnPointPhife

    Shady can EASILY flame 99.5% of the current favorites, right now if he wanted. Just chill haha

  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    Bruh Eminem will rip Drake to shreds lyrically and probably physically too lol… Drake is half Jew tho and you know the Jews run the media so you never know what Drake means by that statement…

  • Pinche Chinche

    He didn’t have shit for Joe do u really thing he is gonna have something for Em? get the fuck outta here lmao

  • unthinkable

    Em would diss drake like Nas did Jay z on ether lol

  • Melo

    He’s trying to reach. If em replies then Drake will feel bigger than him. He’s delusional. Niggas head is gassed cause they count streams now.

    • Imventing

      shit apple music is only 5.99.. Not defending drake or anything. but you gotta realize times have changed lol. I was talking about floppy disks with someone (random conversation) and some little nigga had no idea what I’m talking about, not knowing the struggle.

      The point I’m trying to make is that we live in a generation where shit is supposed to be more convenient and accessible for a small fee. the only time i download an album is if its only on datpiff.

  • SY

    Imagine Eminem and slaughterhouse against drake and ovo or young money or whoever the fuck hes with now. I wish this happens lol

  • HipHopFan

    If Eminem disses Drake its over just like in the movie 8 Mile he will tear him a new asshole Eminem is a beast at rap battles and diss tracks I hope he does he will end Drakes career apple will drop him like The Source did Benzino I pray Drake fuks up and says something about Haley I Dare you Drake!!

  • FromN.O.


  • FromN.O.

    I want Drake v Kendrick

  • gasskii .

    even if Drake gets bodied by Em (which will certainly happen in case the beef starts), this won’t affect anything simply because Drake’s fans are mostly impressionable young people who don’t even listen to rap music. even if his security let his sweet and lovely face hit this won’t really affect his career

    • FireKraker

      That’s how the music business works, Captain Obvious. If an artist has a strong and dedicated enough fanbase, said artist will continue being relevant. That’s why Hov and Nas are still making music.

      • Stavros Hölbling

        that’s why 50 lasted way way after his prime

  • Imventing

    Eminem got no filter, remember that Mariah diss lmfaoooo. I hope drake actually does something.

    • Matt Leon

      Same here. I barely even wanna see a battle, I just want Drake to give Em a reason to put out some new music lol.

  • Matt Leon

    Drake,I’m smh on this one. For one thing, this is only a rumor so it may or may not be true but the fact that you just now said that is basically as if you are issuing a challenge for Shady to come after you. You beat Meek, I’ll give you that. To some Drake fans that think relevancy is more than lyricism, you “beat” Joe Budden, but if Eminem comes after you, there’s no battle of relevancy you can use to avoid making a diss track, there’s no battling a weaker rapper, cause Eminem is still relevant and he’s a legend in the industry so if this battle happens, Drake, get them ghostwriters together, Call up The Weeknd, Quentin Miller, PND, Maybe even try to reconcile with IloveMakonnen and call him up too cause you’re gonna need all of them to give you a fighting chance in this battle.

  • FireKraker

    you’re probably going to be waiting a long time if you’re hoping for an Em v Drake beef to happen. Em is kinda old school in the fact that he doesn’t normally jump in beefs unless he or his daughter’s name came outta somebody’s mouth. Ebron is just trying to instigate something the way i see it.

    • Kasun Madusanka

      Ebron. lmao bruh

    • Jeromy Rush

      Drake may not have “called Em out” per say. But he did say, “If Em comes at me, I got something for him too.” All I’m saying to Drake is if you love what you do, you might wanna watch what you say. No one in history has survived an Em feud. And I dont think it’s gonna happen with your pussy ass “I miss my girl” tracks. You aint even close to his level. If you love your career. Back off man.

      • Boo Gotti

        He didn’t even say that how bout speak on Wat u kno not wat u hear hype girl lol

  • eyesopen228

    i like da idea of shady goin after drake it will be a better battle than meek, bigger then budden, and epic for hip-hop lets just see how this is played out

  • Kenny Rucka Jarvis

    Ebro is full of shit Drake didn’t say that about EM. Drake knows what EM is capable of doing he’s not that stupid.

  • Cognac and Papers

    ok drizzy, now is when you turn into a Canadian and become neutral.

  • Jason Hass

    “And if he did I got something for him too.” Sounds pretty insecure. I think he should have left that out. Eminem would crush Drake in a diss-track war

  • BeReal

    EM doesn’t have Buddens back like that.

  • Mike

    Drake you must be ready to just chill out and do other things than rap cause your career will be over

  • thatsjas2 .

    come on Ebro!!….you that thirsty for news you do this!!…SMH!!

  • Young Flacko

    Bye with this fake shit. If Em was gonna jump in this shit he would’ve been done it. Another point is defend Joe for what?? Drake has said barely two words, for the most part he’s been ignoring Joe so what reason does Em need to come to his defense?? Next I hardly doubt Drake is scared of Em, why?? Because it would benefit him to go up against someone so popular and well respected as Em. What yall gon say, remember when Em slaughtered his ass??? Like it’s shameful to get chewed up by Eminem, he ain’t a nobody has been scrub like his subordinate known as Joe Budden. If anything Em would be wasting his time going up against somebody he knows isn’t on his level, but it’s all clickbait so keep hoping as hard as yall hoping for that Kendrick/Cole collab lmfao.

  • Astronaut

    Drake gone listen to Eminems “Not Afraid” for strength and inspiration

  • yourstomine

    Only white people look at Em as a legend not black people. Em aint no a hit in YEARS or Budden. And Drake has already outsold Em on the charts FOH.

    • MisterRobott

      Drake wouldn’t sell anywhere near what he is without people writing his songs for him. Pretty sure Em has the title for most rap albums sold worldwide still to this day he’s the #1 selling rap artist. If Drake keeps the momentum going then yeah he’ll probably surpass him in a few years but still isn’t even a fair comparison. Drake wouldn’t be Drake without a team of writers. He’s basically the male version of Beyonce. He has skills I fuck with him but he’s not a true MC like Em. He’s an entertainer. Not even sure if I would consider Views a hip hop album. Shit was soft asf.

  • MisterRobott

    I thought Drake enjoyed his career.. All Eminem needs is a pen. Drake needs a team.

  • Unfuck the World

    As much as I would love this and the game needs this: Drake isn’t dumb enough to commit career suicide. He’s come to far to lose it all to Shady. As dope as this would be….

  • Space Ghost

    I see rap beef got yall excited thats how u know the game is gay right now back then this shit was just normal everday shit, now niggas excited to see niggas put out disses. Its a shame, we got materialistic rappers running the shit right now, when it used to be revolutionaries. Got too many money rappers advertising for companies and shit we need niggas that advertise solutions to societies problems like pac and public enemy, rakim, life style rappers like biggie who knew the streets but didnt confine himself to gang and gun shit. nowdays i gotta rely on the underground niggas to put out dope shit cus main stream niggas either wanna sound like migos or future and upcoming niggas be tryna be the next drake. Sad af. Idk why capital steez out of all these rap niggas had to die.

  • Joseph Sheppard

    Drake ain’t got shit for Em

  • BrodieThaGod

    Foh, I’m talking Jay z, Em, Ye, Weezy, Diddy (not a legendary rapper but a legend in the rap game), Bun B, TI, and others. Try and slick hate all you want but until you reach their status your opinion on Drake being a legend don’t mean shit.

    “But hip-hop needs Drake, too.” – Eminem quote

    On Drake: “Let’s be respectful and truthful: the hottest rapper in the game.” – Ye quote

    I can back up my shit with facts, even Budden who comes at Drake will say he a true MC.

    • NoPistons

      I love how you act like you have so much knowledge of rap. You do realize that there was a lot of good rappers before 2000, right? You got Jay-Z as the first on your list and you don’t even know why DIddy is a legend in the “rap game”. No one will ever take you serious.

      • The Incredible

        LoL I caught that too.

    • Freddie94

      Dude seriously fuck Drake and all these new age rappers. I’m talking about Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and all these other dumb ass rappers. The reason why I say this is because all their rap messages are BULLSHIT! Eminem is a true fucking legend because he was NOT AFRAID to show the downside and TRUE realities of life. Listen to his song Rock Bottom for example you fucking clown. You honestly think anybody can relate to drake? Or any of these whack mfs!? Fuck outta here! Y’all just fell victim to this bitch generation. So go ahead and cry like a bitch and say all these new school rappers have Drake’s back because they’re all bitches too. Grow up you dumb hoe and don’t worry I’ll pray for you because once you hear real then you won’t be able to tolerate these bitches like the rest of us. Good day 2016 bitch!!!

      • Boo Gotti

        Bro rap been showing the downside of life since the beginning of the 90s (nwa easy e snoop dogg tupac) please do not try to give eminem that credit like he started that shit stfu n quit reaching hoe eminem just followed suit like the rest, but who took over the game coming from a totally opposite angle than everyone before him.??? Drake did which equals greatness smh its a shame ppl swear they “real” but can’t be real wit they self.

        • Freddie94

          Dude your supporting a fake tho? Like seriously Drakes raps are fake af! Y’all fake bitches be supporting other fake bitches tho… lmao live in this fucked up generation then dumb ass hoe. I’ll continue listening to real shit while you can hear some grown ass kid bitch about being rich and how much his pussy hurts from all the girls that fucked him so bad. #CanadianDickRider

          • Boo Gotti

            Shut yo lil bitch ass up i can listen to Watever tf i want but i kno that doesn’t make me jus like u listening to gangster rap won’t make u gangster lmao u little fucn bitch from 1994 lol u ain’t been thru Shit u glorifying faggot u confirmed that by thinking Wat u listen to means anything to me bitch lmao go fuc urself n bump some tech 9 uzi vert posing ass hoe

          • Freddie94

            Bitch go suck a dick and wear them fucking women clothes like your daddy young thug. Clearly your an ignorant dumb shit who’s gonna support these bitches. So do you little high school bitch. Fuck you and your lame ass taste in music hoe. Cause just like drake I bet your pussy be hurting cause you be getting fucked lmao! Dumb fake ass hoe listening to bubblegum ass trash hahaha

        • Freddie94

          And btw I just used him as an example. I never said he paved the way for others to speak of the harshness of reality. I just credit him for keeping it going and for showing that even tho his ethnicity is defined as never having problems for being white that he did go through some shit in life. I appreciate how him and others speak on REAL news and not like these modern dumb fucks who just brag about money and spend it on stupid shit instead of doing the right thing with it. But hey maybe that’s just how ADULTS think.

          • Boo Gotti

            Eminem spent all his money on drugs then went to rehab lol stfu

  • Muktar Mohamed

    if drake comes at em, u just committen suicide for ur entire career

  • Draftymac

    Slim would MURDER drake!!! Drake would start singing for budden and meek.

  • BDrivens

    why does that good shit always happen on Fridays, then we gotta wait till monday for radio reaction

  • Kevoox

    You gotta understand Drake is the type of dude who will claim he can rip yo ass off when you’re not around then change sides when you show up. Trying to impress as usal but won’t act the same in Shady’s face. If he believes he can go for it we might get one or too nice to hear tracks that will get the Aubriella stans and mainstream fools thrilled but we all know how it’s gonna end. Anyway Em won’t do shit if he ain’t sure Drake is jabbing him so it will never happen.

  • WestCoastStylin

    If that was anybody else, I would say Ebro shame on you, that was a private convo, but dam, keeping a comment like that from a guy like that, to yourself is shameful

  • WestCoastStylin

    Drake gets the respect of being successful, but he doesn’t get the kind of respect he desires from his peers, because of many reasons, it is the result from trying to please everybody, in doing so, theres always going to be a group who isn’t pleased with you

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Drake gonna make a diss, calling him Vanilla Ice, and other lines from the movie 8 mile. If he really wanna go at Em, say something about his daughter. Then all hell will break loose, we’ll get that EM from back in the day. Smh Drake honestly isn’t ready. Best thing in my opinion is for him to stay quiet, cuddle with Rihanna and chill.

  • Leekluv216

    Before yall attack me (lmao), to be brutally honest Em is trash nowadays! Half of us can’t understand a single thing his ass is saying. The old Em with a slower more controlled flow was beyond amazing but this new ninja is nothing more than a shell of himself. Even in defeat, Drake remains victorious. Disclaimer: I am not a Drake stan, huge Budden fan tho.

  • yolkipalki69

    lol well Em fell off hard in recent years only coming back up slowly as of recent 2 years ………… so this should be interesting……….Em does not sound the way he sounded when he came up big. I hope he does and proves me wrong but Em can get the Meek treatment right now .

  • Craig

    An em dis track on drake…….yes please….I wish all em did was put out dis records…. remember ja rule and what they did to murda Inc…. classic

  • Je’sus

    So these are quotes? From a person talking the two people.

  • Spookeysmoker

    Drake vs Eminem one of the top 6-10 rappers of all time come on drake atleAst write one whole album yourself before u talk shit

  • Spookeysmoker

    Now this battle will be funny one suburban white rapper vs another white rapper dam mainstream well off white america who y’all gone pic

  • Brett Fowler

    Drake is a genius….he know whst he doing and who df eminem is…..y’all act like the dude ain’t got a chance in hell

  • Stavros Hölbling

    yeah I’m not a dickrider but if Em can’t destroy Drake then Future might just speak English

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Drake is slowly gaining my respect…

  • Ye’

    I doubt drake even said that he knows better…. Ebro just trying to stir something up

  • James Foster

    Diz article lame AF an corny actin like school kids reporting gossip.

  • James Jones

    Oh damn, let this ish happen! LMAO!!! Em already ended Ja and Benzino’s careers in separate attacks! Drake would be done for good. lol

  • black adam

    yall wanna see a dead body?
    -slim shady probably.

  • Jball

    Drake don’t won’t none he ain’t about that life.

  • Us Kzar

    Its a bunch of dick riding..against meek y’all were screaming 6 God..but against a retired old..never get play unless its ya headphones..very overrated mc..y’all keep that bull shit..internet can have Shady..I think the world cuts for Drake more but its a Lot if guys vouching for Marshall..

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