Eminem Explains How An Engineer Ruined The Best Version Of ‘Stan’

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  • poppy magooo

    Way to long to read

    • Honorable King

      It really wasnt tho…

    • Twiz

      You the type of nigga got to have they finger on the page when they read

      • Craig

        I dont know why that made me laugh for real though.

  • Honorable King

    -Aint finish High School ass nigga

    • poppy magooo

      Still ain’t got a bitch , ass nigga .

      • Cj Spear

        And somehow you think not being educated and having a bitch is less of a insult. Seems like what defines you is whether you have a “bitch” or not. So in essence you too are a bitch.

        • poppy magooo

          Translation : I am single

          • frankwhitedc

            Translation ; I can’t read , that well

          • Cj Spear

            I’m willing to bet you are. And if you aren’t whoever you are with won’t be staying around long

      • Honorable King

        Pick a book up, then put it back down ass nigga

  • Grey

    Damn potheads lol

  • Donald Quimby

    just re-up and got hella products
    Proofs be4 You get some coming
    Textt; (501)…476..5376