‘Ellen’ Press Release Confirms Third Straight Future Album

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  • BrodieThaGod


  • DaBoss921

    It’s not true, Future’s manager even said so himself

  • Astronaut

    IF it was true. Its a very unusual strategy. But this Lil Uzi is fucking HORRIBLE. Every song he does makes my ears ring with that fake ass singing.

    • Allen Smith

      Are u sure ur talking about Uzi and not his godfather, “Future” bcuz that dude is horrible just has nice beats, hell future is the pioneer of mumble rap, what u talking about. He opened the gates and gave all these new trash artists a lane to live in

      • Astronaut

        Future is at least clever with his craft and wordplay. Uzi is a joke

    • Myleage

      listent o “Enemies.” that and “7am” are the best songs I heard Uzi on

  • Myleage

    do it. join the darkside.