Editorial: The Wasted Potential of Juelz Santana

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  • Roger Cousins

    Idk bout being better then Jay-Z but he was definitely nice and had a higher ceiling

    • XLR8

      Juelz most definitely could have had a bigger name but he just had a poor work ethic. Making collab joints with Wayne at the peak of Wayne’s career should have been enough to put Juelz on a map of his own. If his hustle was like Cam’s or Jimmy’s he could have took the next step but as you know he had a party hard lifestyle. I felt he could have been as big as Kendrick Lamar or Young Jeezy but because of the setbacks he never separated his name from the crew like he could have.

  • RCade

    So soon as Wayne get his shit settled with baby, he should remaster I can’t feel my face and put it out. Not only to help juelz but because it was a dope ass mix tape. I’d bang it all over again.

  • A Jay

    He got way more potential but not much to show for it Lord Willn was actually good. I like Chamillionaire too he got a lot of potential.

  • Vamp47

    Best lyricist??? Did you forget about JR Writer?

    • John jonesbone

      No doubt didnt JR write everyones ryhmes

    • XLR8

      40 cal was Dipset best lyricist but as for the head members Juelz was the best.

      • Joseph Rakiec

        Not at all.. He had a select few hard hitters.. But was never consistently better than J.R or Juelz

    • Casey Jones

      writers block 1,2 and 3 were so good, most people dont even knoww

    • TheEsquireof212

      I read it the same way. Cam was better lyrically and so was Writer.

  • dreyb_from_jp

    rakim loved Santana….I was just talking about this shit last night…

  • It’s just a different era of music now. He probably does not identify with it.

  • Redux7

    Could you guys do
    Editorial: The Wasted Potential of Chamillionaire

    • #Worklife


    • FuccWithABull

      are you fucking serious you must be joking

    • David J Gutierrez

      He was cold but walked away from the game. He’s doing antrupenu shit in the technology field,he’s still getting paper.

      • anthony

        bruh what the fuck is “antrupenu” lmaoo

        • David J Gutierrez

          Lmao I guess spell check don’t always work

          • David J Gutierrez


          • friend

            good effort. entrepreneurial.

        • Azim ‘Zeem’ McKnight


        • Wale Akinsefunmi


        • dre807k

          He was pretty “Akreate” with the spelling.

        • Tivo659

          Bruh it be called akademiks

      • Ned Flanders

        bruh fix that shit lmaooo

    • JusKev

      Look him up. He’s now a Venture Capitalist for upstart technology companies. For some people there is life after rap.

    • topgunn

      That nigga trash

    • vapaperboi .

      he can rap..but naw he wasn’t the answer like juelz,..and chamillionaire is RICH..he’s making alot of money right now without rapping

  • RainingOposites

    definitely feel like Santana never reached his full potential musically I dont think it was strictly born out of him being lost after dipset ended though he was probably going through some real shit in his personal life that was a big contributor.

  • Darnell Woodard

    He still got it, I think he jus gotta get back on his shit. Lord Willin wasn’t even all that bad either but is forgettable tho


      who did u lose in paris homie

      • Jay Jackson

        No damn body! Just another sheep ass follower!


          Exactly the answer i was looking for nobody died……fuck the news my homies relative said they want people scared….think about it no ifel tower attacks, the soccer match finished, no live gunfire just sounds, dark videos with no flash or real images being shown of any gunmen,passports found unscratched…. shit let me make a suit,home and car made from that magical shit

  • ilikemusic.

    This was a great piece good job HHE. I constantly jam to classic Dipset on Pandora and one of my friends ALWAYS asks damn whatever happened to Juelz bro…he was so dope. I’ve heard that multiple times from different people. In all honesty, some can’t handle the money and fame, they get content with the current status of their life and just ride it out. I think too much money, time, and drugs caused him to disappear into the night

  • JR Writer was the best lyricist. But Santana had the style and charisma and the voice to me to cross over. I think he proved that when he did the joint with Chris Brown. I’m not the biggest dipset fan even tho I liked Cam’ron but I felt like Juelz was supposed to be bigger like he would have a year like Jim Jones did. Think about who he got to get on records with from LL Cool J to Lil Wayne on top of the game hot joints from within his own camp and he didn’t parlay none of that success and time in the spotlight. It was almost like he didn’t want it.
    Chamillionaire another one it’s like he made it and that was good enough for him.

  • †The Godf△ther †

    You guys fail to mention the hit he made with Kirko Bangz not too long ago… As with most artist they eventually fade away due to lots of BS in the music industry, it’s a given… I would love to hear him return…maybe a more trapped out style… I can really picture him doing well in that genre… Only time will tell I guess. Will just need to wait and see…

  • thoseinspace

    I’m still amazed at Juelz’s verse on The Carter III’s Nothin’ On Me. He bodied that.

    • Dank33x

      forreal bruh that shit was crazyyy

    • Thinker Haist

      And Weezy was in his prime then…. But everybody knows Loso had the hardest verse on that song…

  • yami

    I agree mostly, except that God Will’n was dope tape. also, I have a feeling perhaps he’s not that interested about being in the spotlight. but if I’m wrong, he’s the one who could really use the Dipset reunion to his advantage

  • thoseinspace

    I think he needs a good production team. Or at least ONE producer to collaborate with on the regular that can help him find a winning sound. I think we often underestimate the importance of having the right the producer. Just havin bars aint enough. Ask Papoose or Cassidy or King Los. (Or any battle rapper that tried to make a hit)

    • Pat

      right dj’s and producers are the backbone of hip hop

    • Legendary Trolly

      Back in the day Dipset had the tightest beats ever! I mean them beats were tight af, but they slowly fell off! Its hard to have consistency!

  • Jay Jackson

    Another overrated NY rapper, in my opinion. Nice, yes, just mix tape nice. WTGBM was a huge flop, very disappointing.

    • Ginsu

      WTGBM went platinum bruh. It wasn’t better than From me to you. But that shit ain’t flop tho.

      • Jay Jackson

        Yo, I was one who helped it go plat (remember Columbia house). I only like a few songs on it. It was disappointing to me.

  • Dr. Awkward

    Juelz is the definition of average.. On here acting like he’s gods gift to rap

  • Jomo Edwards

    I loved God Willing

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    To answer everybody’s question, the dope killed Juelz career. The success was too much for him to handle and he got on that shit… As far as Chamillionaire goes, nobody wants to hear edited music. That’s a fact, there’s only like 1% of adults who don’t cuss. Not to mention he wasn’t with doing alot of the behind the scenes stuff most people are unaware of.

    • Uninhibited

      So true. I have all the Mix tape Messiah’s, and Koopa ripped em all, but on his album I respected his choice not to cuss, but I was mad when he edited Wayne’s curse words off of Rockstar. In my opinion, your lifestyle is your choice, but don’t censor me if I do a feature for you.

  • poppy magooo

    If anyone from the set should of or could of made it , should of been Jr writer

  • filthy frank

    sometimes i feel the same way about Pusha T….The Guy has Bars..Whether its all “Dope” references or whatever…but you dont hear much from him…

  • Just Los

    lol i always thought cam’ron stood out in dipset

    • Legendary Trolly

      Cam and Juelz both, but Cam was the better rapper! Juelz was that young, fly cat! Once he made comments dissing Hov, Def Jam shelved him!

  • CBabyyyy

    I could not have said it any better myself… This shit was beautifully written, no homo. The comparison to Lloyd banks was perfect. Shouts out to the man who wrote this, he knows his shit. I believe juelz could still come back, definitely, just don’t think he wants to, I guess… Sucks, if only he knew how much his fans really be feelin his shit, matter fact, I think him and banks should do a mixtape together ! Not only would that put him back on the map, but yo, that shit would be insane, can’t even find the right words to describe how hard that tape would go !

  • CBabyyyy

    I just blew my own mind… Imagine, a banks and juelz tape, together !! Fuck that would go so hard, every track produced by either araabmuzik or automatik

    • Ces1ne?

      And unless one of Banks’ hoes jacks another LP from him (“The Rotten Apple Situation”) we’d be waiting about 7 years for them to release it to the public!!

      • CBabyyyy

        Yeah well, considering how golden a tape like that would be im sure they’d make sure it wasnt touched by anyone else, probably put alarm systems and guards in the studio ready to shoot at anyone tryna fuck with the works

        • Ces1ne?

          lmfao……I think Banks should’ve taken those precautions u mentioned with his sophomore LP. Could’ve had a classic with the OG version of Rotten Apple but let some pre-thots jack it from him.

          PLK forever but he fcked up back in the day

  • AnAsianBr0skii

    Editorial: The wasted potential of Hurricane Chris.

  • Myleage

    I always fux with Juelz. Him and Fab are my favorite New York spitters

  • itsdlowebaby

    him and waynes collabs were somethin special,, i miss those days

    • Keith Shaun

      fuck yeah


    the forgettable mixtape god willn? i thought that shit was straight fire…

  • Casey Jones

    juelz was amazing those diplomats tapes 1-5, his first album from me to u, final destination and that tape with wayne, just search his old freestyles on youtube at hot97 insannne ..

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Juelz is just lazy.

  • Joeyforjustice

    Potential since when . He was always fucking trash. Diplomats trash. No bars we going to give credit for their beats , sad only if they had bars for said beats . Bunch of 3 grade rap and flow. Glad they’re 15 min is up had New York sounding dumb. Everybody started sounding like these idiots . Don’t care what u did in the street if u can’t do it right on the mic hop off. The fuck is wrong with ya .

  • Joeyforjustice

    And since when he was a lyricist. And then to make matters worst compare him to Jayz. I mean it got to be a bunch of stupid ppl for real . To be a rapper now you have to dumb shit down for people cuz goddamn . What I am reading hear from nothing but stupid.

  • Cody James

    For the record… Max B wrote “we fly high”.

  • rootbeer08530yahoocom

    Juelz’s style just wasn’t sophisticated enough to measure up to Jay-z. Who knows maybe he could have evolved. I doubt it, even if he did his potential might be great but it still falls short of Jay-z, by a lot. Plus the break up of dipset was the opportunity to evolve and he never took advantage. He also my have been more lyrical than the rest of dipset but it was only just enough to set him apart. When considering dipset only being a little more lyrical isn’t saying much (they had some good lyrical stuff but mostly they just sounded like a bunch of cheerleaders). Though he did have good lyrics, his style limited the lyrical creativity to really be considered a lyrical rapper, there just wasn’t enough room… In the end he just became a good excuse for white kids to wear bandannas while chanting Santana snorting and selling cocaine, that in it’s self will only last you so long based on cocaine’s nature of being expensive and addictive. And bandannas although timeless fade in and out of style. Not to mention his style while being “gangsta” had a bit of pop to it(in the cheerleedie type of way). I don’t think that influences a good mentality for criminal behavior. It was good cheerleading for those who already deal in this type of lifestyle, but for those who straddled the fence of this mentality either got in over their heads at some point or just grew up. Leaving Juelz behind. His only chance was to entice a newer generation and he was too much himself to do that type of self manipulation. Maybe he will come back with a grown up style, I don’t know that’s tough to do in rap. Or maybe he will find another calling. Or maybe he will just stick too dealing coke and cooking crack. Who knows…

    • rootbeer08530yahoocom

      Don’t get me wrong I like his work it just never went anywhere as the article points out…

  • Wale Akinsefunmi

    In my honest opinion, I wanna a say that Juelz is lucky. Because he wasn’t underrated. He actually lived up to his potential and hype, where as if he was underrated we wouldn’t have heard much from him when he was poppn. I always felt the reason we don’t hear from Juelz anymore is because his studio got raided by the FEDS, which stopped him from making the music he wanted to make,when he waned to make it. He can still make music, just without the freedom and support he once had…….

  • Julez

    Some Good Points in this Article. i Hope those are FACTS and not just assumptions as to why he took a break from the game. Felt like you was reaching to fuck up his image a lil

  • Ces1ne?

    Juelz might’ve had a whole selection of his hoe collection but no way he had computers putin’ like Cam

  • Peoples

    Didn’t mention the fact that he got addicted to sipping lean. Nothing can stop your career faster than drug addiction.

  • 7yoyo7

    I don’t think Juelz is that lazy.
    I mean come on, his studio got raided by the FEDS and they took all the hard drives from his studio. Like anybody else, you would feel fcuked up if you lost all YOUR music unfairly.

  • TheEsquireof212

    Jay Z ol’ hatin’ ass with the Def Jam contractual shit stifled his career.