Ebro Says The Reign Of The South Is Coming To A Close

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  • Somebody that Nobody knows

    *fingers crossed*

  • People been saying this for years

  • OG Chief Long Stick 2.0

    I got a question! I just want to know who’s really popping in NY without a southern influence? Hmmm?

    • ilikemusic.

      Not that i’m cosigning Ebro by ANY means, because I think this is just him trying to get attention….but Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Dave East are a few that comes to mind real fast. They have so much talent up there but at the same time it’s so diluted with wackness that even the talented fall through the cracks….’Your Old Droog’ is one example of this

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Your Old Droog is super slept on

        • ilikemusic.

          It’s sad dude! Like it genuinely hurts my soul that rappers like Slim Jesus are getting 30k for an appearance, but the real talented individuals are getting swept under the rug!

      • OG Chief Long Stick 2.0

        I agree they have authentic New York sound but they not the type to dominate the chart. I’m not throwing any shade because I fuck with Joey and Action

  • ilikemusic.

    Kendrick said he’s the King of NY because he can. He could’ve said the king of the south in that verse, wouldn’t have mattered. He was just starting dominance and happened to rhyme New York with coast and both.

  • Omar

    T.I is the king of the south watch talking bout

    • Twizz the Whiz Kid


  • djayjb09

    The south makes that ignorant shit that girls like to dance to. Ain’t nooooo way we losing steam. NY been lost steam. Let’s be real even the most relative North rappers have some type of south flow. Ebro need a reality check. the Bay doing better than NY.

    • Ify Divine Nsoha

      It’s so true. Don’t matter if dudes like to bump real hip hop. Girls like trap and pop rap, so trap coons and pop rappers going to make more money than the real MC’s, it’s just a fact. It’s sad, as I really don’t like where trap has gone in the past couple years, but no one with a brain can deny the truth. Even 50 Cent Kanan Tape influenced by that south wave.

      • DannyThaDigga

        When you say girls, you mean disgusting gutter trash strippers and black ass hoes who collect welfare checks.. And they dont biy music. So that comment is irrelevant

      • Thatregulargirl

        “Girls like trap and pop rap”
        Personally I like Pusha T, but most Girls like whoever is winning. Remember women loved Ja Rule then 50 embarrassed him, and all the female fans flocked to 50. If a real MC bodies Drake and all these Hip pop MCs’ …the same will happen. women are attracted to the alpha male.

    • DannyThaDigga

      The south will never lose steam… In the south.. But soon this bullshit, half retarted, short yellow bus sounding rap like migos, young fag, og flakeO, and whoever else contributes to that retarted barely can understand rap will come to an end soon.. Until gucci comes out then maybe something will pop.. But that cornball rap needs to go..

      • Twizz the Whiz Kid

        I’m not a huge fan of the guys that you named either, but as long as there are strip clubs & house parties… people will always want to listen to turn up music.

      • Itzmytime

        Thats Real

    • Thatregulargirl

      “The south makes that ignorant shit that girls like to dance to”

      Hip Hop has always been about music girls dance to, WTF are you talkinng about? Girls were dancing to LL Cool J, Biggie, and Jay …and West Coast niggas thought that was ignorant. It’s all subjective.

      • djayjb09

        For that generation? Yes those rappers popped. But now? Not so often.not all hip hop is for clubs. Most of the rappers you named are known for their lyrics

  • Craig

    This dude is starting to catch that Funk Flex disease. New Yorkers are the only ones that hate on other regions.

    • He’s a Californian. And what hate was said? He didn’t insult anyone or anything.

      • Craig

        He is clearly anticipating and it seems hoping for the south to be knocked off the top of the hip hop game. .. and why. … the south does not have to fall for someone else to get the shine… the west is doing it. … and they not talking about who’s at the top and who is about to be falling off. .. they are making their own lane new York just need Someone to really pop off. .. and he is from California but let’s be real. … he is obviously wanting badly for Ny to take back the top spot. Anyway anticipating someone’s downfall is hatin on a low level. .. it’s just not at a person but a region

      • Phillip Narcisse

        The hate is him saying the south is running out of fuel

  • Hustleberry Finn

    The south got way more talent than Migos, Young Thug, and etc. Its just an agenda being pushed right now to dumb down the masses (of black folks). And where do the majority of blacks reside?… I for one make way better music than these mumbling fools but hey….

    • Twizz the Whiz Kid

      Talk to ’em…

  • topgunn

    If anything west coast got the juice now

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    That nigga Playboi Carti is probably about to be the next nigga to blow up from the South.

  • Clarence Headen

    Andre 3000

    • Sam Toliver

      Agree but Ebro is talking about whose active in the game now

  • tywerouyuw


  • Thatregulargirl

    Thugger is coming. When he drops Slime Season 3 …that will be a game changer for him.

    • RedHookLook

      It’s funny cuz the whole ” Whats poppin slime” thing came from NY.
      Wayne started sayin that shit after he got out of Rikers (NY prison)
      Now u got people like Young Thug and Future sayin it.
      So regardless, South still gets influenced by NY and yes NY does get influenced by the south as well. I’m just stating facts b.
      I honestly think that the East Coast will make a comeback but it won’t be NY. There’s a lot of talent coming out of Baltimore City, Delaware, New Jersey, Upstate NY, and even Boston. I think we might see an east coast return but with different areas other then NYC or Philly.

      • Thatregulargirl

        Didn’t know that

  • ripmuzicceo

    Ebro is a idiot..

  • Iam D-Zill

    This fool is delusional. The west coast running shit bruh. South still at the top for the moment though… but yo, next up id the west thats for sure. Somewhere behind that you got the east coast. Stop with the crackpipe ebro

  • RedHookLook

    I honestly think that the East Coast will make a comeback but it won’t be just NYC. There’s a lot of talent coming out of Baltimore City, Delaware,
    New Jersey, Upstate NY, and even Boston.
    I think we might see an east coast return but with different areas other then NYC or Philly.

    Cuz as of right now when you think up north the only reigns that are hot mainstream wise are NYC and Philly.
    New Jersey just started gettin some gas going now that “Fetty Wap” is a hit maker.
    Baltimore City got a new guy named “Tate Kobang” who’s got a song Called “Bank Rolls” thats currently gettin radio play all over the place.

    • Star_God

      Fetty wap sounds like a down south nigga

  • RedHookLook

    I also agree 100% about what he said about J Cole.
    J Cole might be from North Carolina, but dudes whole style is 100% NYC.
    Nothin about his music is southern or even gives off a southern vibe at all.
    when i listen to Cole i get a Nas vibe off rip.

    • Leto

      Where is he from? The South. N.Y. need put out current artists. Y’all stay living in the past. Smh

  • dhusu

    No man. it’s not nowhere near closing the fuck is Ebro smoking.. you still got mc’s like K.R.I.T., Trae, Bun B, Z-ro, Scarface, Killer Mike, etc. the list goes on..just because many Southern rappers isn’t getting mainstream exposure on Future’s level doesn’t mean their music is flopping

  • Ritchie Mixy Greaves

    New york don’t even have a sound any more because south took over so hard and hell I’m not even american and i can see that, only parts that kept their sound is west coast and west put a lot of souths sound in theirs to make it work. C’mon son….

  • thatsjas2 .

    I’m confused as to where this is coming from….what did he hear that we didn’t for him to say this?

  • Leto

    I’m confused. Before the South took over, 2pac was pissing on NY! New York hasn’t ran the rap game since early 90s. If anything, momentum may shift to the west coast. But the real problem, is that the rap game is crowded with too many artists with similar styles and anybody can be a rapper now. When I grew up, I thought is was impossible to be a rapper because of the talent level I saw. R.I.P Biggie and Pac

  • fried rice

    To me south rappers suck when they trap rap only real south trap rappers are ti Gucci and jeezy. But we can take it back further Ugk and shit ghetto boys but ny doesn’t really make better rappers they just have more support but cyhi and Krit way better than half the new nigga out now

  • Phillip Narcisse

    Never how you gonna move from. 1 coast to another then talk this hip hop shit you a fraud Ebro The South about to get bigger