Ebro Explains Why Chance The Rapper Isn’t On Summer Jam’s Stadium Stage

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  • wheez954

    Why is curren$y on the festival stage. that’s the question I wud like answered.

    • flex

      That’s what I was asking. If what Ebro said about having a mainstream hit is true then I guess it make sense. Spitta been his own lane.

    • Supreme Trunks

      Right. He an underground king. He deserves to shine on the big stage.

  • Je’sus

    Radio hits aren’t even the best songs on most albums fck Ebro

    • Cultured

      He’s not saying the radio hits are better songs, they are just what the masses like. Chance is dope, but they are right he doesn’t have a big enough hit/s to carry a crowd on that big of a stage. Also to keep it real it is a radio festival, and he’s not a big radio artist.

      • Supreme Trunks

        Yeah I love Chance’s music but I think I get Ebro’s point. The reason why we like Chance isn’t an reason for the world to like Chance. But I disagree that he would have nothing to perform. Mostly everyone has heard 10 day, surf and acid rap. Plus he might not be able to play the entire coloring book album since it’s new but he can play No problems and Mixtape. That would get the crowd hype.

      • Je’sus

        You right just wait for no problems or all we got to get on the radio

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  • kobe


    • T guest

      Only retards says that. Y’all herd Tory ave use it now y’all think it’s hot smh

    • Leekluv216

      Mamba I wouldn’t go that far by saying fuck him but I do agree with you son is a weirdo lol

    • Supreme Trunks

      Bruh you were ghost buster last night. Who you calling weird?

    • Kp

      People say anything… smh

  • Johnny Doe

    Fuck Ebro and the overgrown public hair on his chin. Caveman head ass.

  • Johnny Doe

    Thanks blood

  • OG Mart!n Tr!gga ✞✈️

    i know chance did more than tinashe….

    • Ghostface-

      Ebro been fucking tinashe bruh

  • Wavy

    A$AP Rocky hasn’t had many hits either but he is well known. This is stupid

  • thatsjas2 .

    ebro and rosenberg are waaay too arrogant…i swear they both need beatdown!

  • A Jay

    Prob not a popular opinion but Chance is missing something, at this point just not enough to be a top artists.

    • Black Hippy 47

      But tinashe kid ink and young thug are top artists?

      • Kp

        Kid ink and young thug have radio hits… that’s the whole point of what Ebro was.. Whoever else don’t have a hit probably just his people.

  • black adam

    any stage curren$y is on is the main stage.

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  • Anna Hayley

    Yo fck Rosenberg Jew azz nobody ever cared about his opinion anyway