Ebro Calls Out Meek Mill For Not Delivering Diss Track To Funk Flex

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  • Chrollo

    Hot 97 is the Fox News of the rap game. They credibility is non-existent & instead of being objective to the music… they inject their irrelevant agendas & opinions onto us & try to ruin the people who KEEP THEIR LIGHTS ON for ratings.

    Remember, Flex is the same man who said he would devote his time to tearing Nicki Minaj down. So how is Meek even cool enough to be sitting down with someone who said that about his woman? This is what happens when two snake niggas try to work together… & fuck ebro, I expect more out of him. At least acknowledge that y’all fucked up & apologize instead of making excuses.

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      Can’t find a better comparison then that #FuckThot97

  • yayayayyaya

    I dunno what the big deal is. Meek didn’t finish recording the diss track by monday lol. who fuckin cares if he drops it monday or tuesday or wednesday?

    Of course FMF is pissed but Im not sure why a 48 hour delay is setting off the general public.

    This coming from somebody on team drake

    • Yannic Conrad

      i really don’t get it either, was asking me the same question the whole time. the whole thing seems completely exaggerated to me, i feel like i must be missing something but most likely its just as stupid as it seems

      • yayayayyaya

        DUDE! Meek dropped on wednesday instead of monday . awww shit he taking so many Ls omg

  • Dankbrownies

    Ebro calls out who for not delivering diss track to who?

    • FLYnn

      meek not delivering to flex…?

      • Dankbrownies

        Yes. I know. I was implying that they have made themselves nobodies. That was the joke.

  • Zero

    Meek & Flex done joined Tyga, Thug, Chris Brown and Birdman for most Ls this yr.

  • Richard DeJoseph

    Ever since Ebro has become the face of the morning show, Hot 97’s been hot garbage.

    • Ascendence


  • Et cet·er·a

    Pretty soon these rappers gon be walking around upset like Dee-bo from Friday. “What career!?” Lmaaao

  • yayayayyaya

    “boyyyy whats up wit your shape? Why’s it bent?
    Cause I got there firrrrrrrst?
    Talkin’ record sales. Why whatchu think I meant?”

    – Drake ft. Quentin Miller

  • yayayayyaya

    Some homeless dude wrote half of ASAP rocky’s last album. People thought that was cool.

    Drake does it and it’s a scandal

    • That’s actually fucked up, you know the Illuminati uses magic to make some of their songs, which can include stealing from people etc… And I doubt only one person was ghost writing w/Drake cause he literally is predicting the future on some tracks.

      • yayayayyaya

        lol dude are you kidding or?

        • 100% serious, some of your favorite artists are warlocks, magicians. When they ghost-write they can literally be using spirits to help them make music. Whoring their soul out for cash.

          • yayayayyaya

            lol bruh you have to be kidding

          • Zero

            lmao u funny af

        • Dondaddachris

          Nah he’s dead serious bro. You ain’t know Jay Z is really Merlin the wizard in disguise?

  • Ascendence

    ebro is garbage, is old fashioned and racist

  • Ebro is the reason Hot 97 is where they at today.

  • 大胆不敵なリーダー

    Flex put himself in this situation as a active participant. He isn’t a neutral party. Therefore he doesn’t have the luxury of blaming someone else in his own camp for technical issues. Flex made promises he couldn’t keep, he should ve never done so without the material so flex and hot 97 take a L

  • chosenxeno

    Why would Meek fuck up Nicki’s shows in Canada by dissing Drake when Nicki is playing there for 2 dates over the next 2 days. Ebro and Flex can’t be this stupid.

  • jay z is buying hot 97 is probably the move for 2016