Meek Mill & The Dreamchasers Caught & Bloodied Quentin Miller After Meek-Drake Drama

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    So dj dramas bitch wasnt lying
    Meek mill was mad qm didnt wanna write for him so he exposed drake on some faggot shit just cause and because drake didnt tweet abot meeks album.
    But then niggas suck meek like hes a don foh
    Meek is a straight up BITCH niggas who wanna comment on my shit first know this,hold my dick cause i could care less about what you say.
    Drake is a better more successful artist and shouldnt be compared not even lyrically cause if the nigga is actin like a bitch over a nigga he wants to write for him,what is there to compare?

    • Jae Prince

      Just Wondering, If A Rumor Isn’t Confirmed, It Remains Alleged, Therefore, How Is It True? He Confirmed Da Ass Whoopin’, Not Dat Part Of Da Story.

      • CLOVER•

        They popped on him cause they felt like he played meek by not backin him up when he made his ghostwriter statement and for not making a video apologizing about. To me its confirmed right there qm is just not getting into detail about. Maybe hes doesnt wanna run into them niggas again idk

        • Mike Donovan

          nigga you are coloring in the lines with pure speculation but writing paragraphs and shit. You sure know a lot for a nigga who was not there. in them niggas heads and shit. How do you do it?

          • CLOVER•

            Like i said
            Hold my dick

    • lyrically drake dont write lyrics.

      • CLOVER•

        Hold my dick

        • – drake stan

        • ror

          Suspect but wait I see why u like drake now yall go together

    • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

      Im tripping how you talking about people sucking meek dick when you wrote a detailed paragraph swinging on drake balls.

      • CLOVER•

        – like i said hold my dick

    • Celz

      Drake sucks.. That’s all..

      • CLOVER•

        -hold my dick

        • Celz

          I’m straight lil nicca..


    He said one person punched him and ran. That doesn’t sound like somebody getting jumped

    • vonstranglehold

      media be hyping shit

  • Us Kzar

    Man i dont believe Meek was mad bc he didnt write him a song..thats the bull shit. Always trying to play meek..he exposed drake..and Qm Didnt acknowledge it..not he refused to write a song for meek..dam mfs be reaching..and 1 punch aint getting jumped..sound like they trying to get meek on some violate his probabtion shit..

    • TRUTH

      Exactly cause the interview is old.

    • WhoIsMeekMill?


    • layover

      Scratch the bullshit at the end of the day they confronted the wrong person. Your whole status about doubting if this is true is bogus. You can’t expose some who’s in the credits for writing the song. Get off that shit meek should’ve handle that shit, he wants to be the bully. He sends his mans to do some bitch shit. Bro I don’t know where your mindset is but your obviously taking up for a coward.

      • Us Kzar

        U basic to be macho is to do it yourself then go to jail so online Ogz like yourself will say “he stupid” let u tell it..thats how its suppose to be done.
        U got to be a white boy even thinking the dum shit..

        • layover

          you can’t be the loudest nigga in the room and expect not to get your chest poked in. Meek was screaming that kill shit. His whole career is based on it. But I’m basic for speaking factual I’m not dissing the nigga but running up on a man one deep in a footlocker is not a boss move. I don’t think your thinking objectively on the topic.

  • Ethan Arnold

    Well he did admit he was a suburban kid… He probably got pushed, fell over a bench and scratched his hands…. lmaoooo

  • Steel

    Meek didn’t ask QM to write for him.. meek writes all of his own bars. You can tell by the content. You can tell drake doesn’t write his own bars look at how the start of his career him lil Wayne and nicki all sounded exactly the same. And drake had to pay 100k to Rappin 4-Tay for stealing an entire 16 from the song Playaz Club. He stole half a 16 from BIG on Worst Behavior. Drake even lied about having permission from the estate of deceased Jimmy Smith to use his lyrics on pound cake. And we all know about quentin miller and him not paying Mo G.. ALL YOU FAGGOT NIGGAS THAT LIKE DRAKE GO KILL YOURSELF, YOU AND HIM ARE WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIP HOP.

    • sosarozay300

      tory lanez said he wrote for meek miLL

      • TRUTH

        It was a hook not verse Meek and Tory already stated that

      • Kingquazy

        And Omelly DEFINITELY gives him some bars.

      • ror

        Yea a hook u dumbass dont speak in stuff u dont know bout chatty patty

    • Ye’

      And meek is the fucking savior gtfoh Lol

    • vonstranglehold

      how you know that nigga aint ask… all QM said was he want getting into detail about it… I do think they punched the nigga because Meek was embarrassed but… oh well… you taking this hip hop stuff to heart man its not that serious

    • WiseGuys Advice

      Is your ass still gaping after hopping off Meeks dick? Fuck all them fake industry niggas.

    • The Realness

      Shut your white ass up and listen to country bitch boy

    • Gilla

      It was ma$e not B.I.G smh

    • JVO

      Everybody saying that Meek didn’t ask him to write is a dumbass dickhead that suck meek and has no kinda proof. Why would meek even come in contact with QM if he didn’t want him to ghost write for him? hmm, Shut yo bitch ass up. Drake came in the game with clips and sounded nothing like nicki or wayne. and you sound real dumb cause meek took half a 16 from biggie dumbass actually a lot of rap niggas have. What you gotta say about Charged Up and Back to Back, the ones that ya boy meek said “he wrote that one” I suggest All meek fans go into hiding and shut the fuck up cause he just takin L after L when it comes to this nigga Drake. Drake out here killing the game and niggas mad cause he can sing too hahaha y’all some bitches

    • Byho

      Stay in your place white boy

  • CMarley

    Idk u gonna pop a nigga for cuz he aint backin up what u sayin..meek said the nigga qm said that drake dont write all his own shit..its more to that story than what qm telling..still dont excuse meek for being in his feelings cuz drake aint tweet his shit..i lost alot of respect for meek after how he acted..he had the #1 rap album at the time so he was winning regardless..that shit just went to his head n he just had to let his twitter fingers run amuck!

    • big bleezy.

      it wasnt just that he didnt tweet his shit, it was once he found out he paid drake fir a verse that Drake didn’t even write. which is a reason to diss someone in hiphop

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    I really believe if this was true we would’ve been saw a video or some pictures just anything, this didn’t happen in private it was at a nike store.

    • T guest

      We all know Nike stores have cameras. It would be all over the net

  • 大胆不敵なリーダー

    Q miller might’ve got it because he’s the only one in drakes camp they caught slipping.

    • RealRapStar

      He’s not in drakes camp tho? He has a business relationship with that man

      • 大胆不敵なリーダー

        You think semantics matter to an emotional dude who started a war because drake ain’t tweet his album?

  • Disordah1027

    this is old drama

  • Frank White

    This sounds like Drake giving the interview ha

  • Justin Paul

    Jumped?? haha yeaaa i dont think so. Besides meek dont know how to use his hands anyway so anything that happened i wouldnt give credit to meek for.

  • Torrance Green

    Wait so we are supposed to believe that meek ran into Quentin miller in LA in a NIKE store and not a single fan or employee noticed meek mill and his entourage or even the at the time famous Quentin. That would have definitely made the blogs or TMZ.

    • vonstranglehold

      did you not watch the video? The nigga said employees was @’ing him when it was going on… so yeah employees did see it… but still doesn’t explain why TMZ or blogs didn’t push the story

      • Torrance Green

        Who tf is taxstone? I had to Google him so why would nike employees @ him and not Quentin miller or meek mill. Especially with all the hype around Meek Drake and Quentin. And why QM got his jacket hanging off his shoulders like that.

  • WhoIsMeekMill?

    really enjoyed wathcing QM watch the other video…

    mad uncomfortable as he got ready for a response.

  • WhoIsMeekMill?

    qm’s face hhhahahaha

  • thatsjas2 .

    funny how quentin head nodded after taxstone said “meek wanted quentin to write for him”

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    lol that story didnt make sense

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  • ror

    Lol did u watch the video or is your comprehension just that low he never said meek hit him a nigga with a phone did then ran dumbass

  • Spookeysmoker

    You’re a grown ass man somebody hit u you hit them back

    • Torrance Green

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha right

  • Torrance Green

    Your gonna have to show me where he said meek punched him…… I’ll wait

  • T guest

    Anybody will do it for the right price, plus it would have been footage that TMZ would have gotten hold of because the Nike workers would have sold it to them for that money dumbass think about it

  • Don Moen

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  • T guest

    Show me the video dumbass every Nike store haves video camera’s… Show me the video

    • Wille Rbns

      Show me Drake’s payment dumbass. Then I’m let you know he said wasn’t even in the store; he said he was on the outside of the store. Silly fuck.

  • T guest

    You actually is dumb asf smh. hold this L I’m done lol

  • ilikemusic.

    So is he Bisexual? Why’d he compare himself to Frank and Makonnen….U know they both suck cock

  • Chill Life

    Pictures on top look like pics on the loading screen of gta

  • T guest

    So you saying niggas write receipts when they get pay somebody off ?? No.. But it would have been a video dummy, that’s what I’m telling you. Your more worried about defending a mf other then using your head. Trying to explain shit to you is like talking to a rock. You didn’t get far in school did you? Your comprehension skills is fucked smh.

  • T guest