The-Dream Promotes Labels; Criticizes Indie Rappers For Making No Money

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  • Astronaut

    The Dream is my fav male singer no homo and it really depends on the artist.

    • HotlineQueef

      hes the greatest

    • Poopmaster

      I still fuck wit that first album, I luv yo girl I still be bumping

      • Astronaut

        Same here and Love vs Money

  • Retorik1

    Depends where your trying to be independent at and how far you have to travel to reach your market..Atlanta..L.a..Chicago..Houston..etc meccas for entertainment and people in places like this have enough ppl to hold down and broadcast their ppl but if your in a place cant nobody spell with a low population your music better be good enough to get you relocated or you better pray your demo makes it to a major label..

  • Mike A Jefferstone

    dream has a point

  • It depends on how dumb u are with a though this apllies to all aspects of life I mean somebody could sell you a los car and you wouldn’t know because you think your being independent by not taking your mechanic… same applies to contracts half the time people don’t need lawyers they just to lazy to read I reads everything all disclaimers etc but thank you cell phone for makin people idiots

  • Chicagoan

    Dont sign a fuck nigga deal! Everybody’s independent when they start up! After years of workin, u wanna stay independent? Only if the deals aint right. To a dumb ass, simple shit looks genius