Draymond Green Wants Nicki Minaj To Shut Up About Lebron

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  • smith jones

    Dray got his own money. He a star in his own right. You can not say this man is hating

    • SlimJuve25

      i think he is hating not on nicki tho but lebron

      • Supreme Trunks

        Idk bruh he kinda got a point. If you take dray’s words out of basketball context for a sec and just from a fan of hip hop perspective…it does get tiring when you make the same reference repeatedly. It’s like dudes who reference MJ. That’s so overdone that you might as well retire it. If you’re going to name drop as an emcee you gotta keep the list fresh. Like mention Lonzo Ball, or Pierre Thomas or Brandon Ingram or something


    Yes, he’s hating on LeBron, tell Kong boy, green go sit on the bench with his 12 techs.

  • FireKraker

    when it comes to the sports metaphors at least, it does sound like Drake & Nicki’s material are coming from the same person/ppl lol

  • $B

    We’re making this Cavs warriors when it’s really bout hip hop. Draymon made excellent points, all of which were relevant. Hard to say he’s hating when everything he said is true.

  • thatsjas2 .

    Hey I’m not a draymond fan at all but everything he said was on point!

  • FluorideProof

    The hell these idiots talking about? They sound like middle school kids. This is why black people have a hard time finding work. Not “racism”

  • Dave

    Draymond does have many points here, but lets not forget that he is overshadowed by the other number 23 in this equation, and he has repeatedly tossed salt at that same number 23 since that number 23 single-handedly dismantled his entire team in the ship…

    Just sayin.. “maybe this is another jab at the real number 23 in the league right now, maybe you wont intentioanlly foul people that are better than you this L around, maybe you wont act like a 16 year old girl on her period every time you notice players doing better than you”

    lmao for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction- always remember that

  • Latino Sin Zero

    Tho there is a point to be taken on this I kinda disagree.

    It’s obvious that she has a thing for referencing the “King” (not getting into the argument if he is the best or not) as she sees herself as the queen of rap. And you gatta be mindful of how hard you go on that. BUT Minaj references many others in sport through her songs to include Steph Curry, Iguodala, Wayne, Meta World Peace, Ginoboli and my gosh MAYWEATHER.

    In my opinion the name Lebron rings harder in his ear cause of the rings and their history.