Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late’ Strikes Gold In First Week

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  • Jose

    not even that good, like his old work better still

    • Keith Shaun

      u trippin, this album is hard body.. .from start to finish… the nigga has evolved from each album… why do ppl keep getting caught up on artist being the same tape after tape, if you haven’t changed and grown from life experiences something aint right with you…

      his flow and delivery is still on point with good material, what else you want?

      • Madre

        Lmao !!! Ay DUMBASS got some new ears in the way for you .. Worst shit i ever heard in my life . you niggas DICK EATERS

      • DrakeIzMemoryFoamSoft

        You wish it were an album. That shit is bootleg worthy like a mother fucker. Emo ass nigga got me dropping tears riding to his shit. Like you can’t be tough faced and you listening to drake. And I’m riding on 26s so the fuckery is real. Every time I get into it with my bish she hands me a Snickers bar. She says I act like Drake whenever I’m in my feelings

  • Gergo Lukacs

    i really hope he still drops views from the 6 this year. IYRTITL is great as a mixtape but less than ok as an album.

    • Q

      He’ll be dropping that shit for sure this year

  • YUNGshoota187

    all that mean is theres mad soft ass bitch ass niggas in this world

    • just so you know

      nigga your bitch ass is just hating cause you’ll never ever sell 3 copies of your shitty ass album you fake ass nigga

    • waynecarter12

      forreal. you is a bitch nigga. take off that motherfuckin old navy snap back you nigger. damn

    • Foereem

      Shut ur hated bitch ass up

    • Vulqn

      STFU with you’re backwards hat you basic ass bitch

  • KarmaSapien

    Say what you will, the guy has been consistently dropping stuff worth checking for, since he became mainstream known.

  • WillamH1

    light for drizzy

  • Guest

    He did numbers, he does number and he will continue to do numbers. #NumbersDontLie

  • Guest

    He did numbers, he does does numbers and he will continue to do numbers. #NumbersDontLie

  • Drake did numbers, he does numbers and he will continue to do numbers #NumbersDontLie

  • Keith Shaun

    album, mixtape, whatever it is… it’s classic! “been in the condo with the phone off” …fuck everybody !

  • Dboy Came Up ∆∆∆∆

    kendrick lamar> drake

    • simon says…

      Kendrick Lamar Top 5 D.O.A. nuff said

  • Madre

    EVERYONE that thinks this shit is GOOD . need new fucking ears !!! Cyhi Is the G.O.A.T

  • IfYoureReadingThisThenYoureGay

    I just got one question. Who the fuck buys mixtapes? Niggas rarely buy albums but they saying this shit went gold already. How TF is this possible. White People are hilarious