Drake’s OVO Label Signs Plaza

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  • Matt Leon

    Shades of The Weeknd? We got too many dudes trying to use that sound now. We already got 6lack bringing that old Weeknd sound back. If we get too many people doing it, it’s going to start to be overdone.

    • ChiCity300

      to late

    • Myleage

      and bryson tiller. but Roy Woods is dope af

      • Matt Leon

        Oh damn I forgot they use the same sound. Fuck it, yeah its too late. The sound is already being overdone lol.

        • Myleage

          dont forget about PND. i thought he was a watered down Weeknd when he first came out

      • burk

        Shouts to Roy . He don’t sound nothing like The Weeknd . Strictly Caribbean influences

    • BrodieThaGod

      6lack definitely the best discount Weeknd we got right now

      • Matt Leon

        True that lol.

  • Drake Jr.

    Drakes label? Put some respek on 40’s fuccin name