Drake’s Backstage Demands Revealed In Concert Rider

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  • Drakes a Modern Day Backstreet Boy

  • Mike

    Drake’s the Nickleback of Hip-Hop

  • kobe


  • Somebody that Nobody knows

    As I was reading the list the whole time I was thinking ‘that’s so drake’ lol

  • MikeRotch_og

    This list confirmed that Drake is the biggest Diva in Hip-Hop/R&B………. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce better have a seat.

    • KingFewcha

      beyonce list is even crazier. she literally asked for like 2 dozen aluminum straws

    • XLR8

      I don’t think his list is all that demanding, you don’t really have to go out of your way to get items people never heard of. I mean if they are offering I bet you wouldn’t say “I’m good, I’ll just take a glass of water”. I’m sure he shares the food/drink items with his fellas or bodyguards, The only thing that seems diva-like though is the robe with slippers, nigya looking like he’s about to go perform a live opera.

  • Samisback

    this is pretty much how I thought drake’s demand list would look..nothing on here surprised me

  • this is crazy i guess its the difference between the hood nigga and the suburban nigga lol

  • Mr.16

    “Large deli tray with no pork” for all the Mali’s lol

  • Kenbx

    That’s not bad at all. Pretty reasonable list for a superstar.

  • Kenbx

    People have to realize. Everything he asked for is essential for his performance, not his ego. Towels for sweat at the concert. Water, lemons and honey for his voice. Food for himself and his crew. Fruit to refresh. T shirts for sweating as well. The liquor may be for a little before the concert the rest after. Very reasonable stuff. Is he suppose to bring this from his hotel in a duffel bag. To every city?

    • Phenom1250

      E-Z Rolling Papers are essential? Lol

  • Miami_Mayor24

    That list is way more reasonable than Meek Mill. You could grab all this stuff with about 400 bucks

  • ImmoveableForce

    I dont believe half these rider articles. yall getting lazy

  • Craig

    Its Pinot Grigio

  • basedcharley

    “1 ghostwriter”

  • Where’s the pound cake?