Is ‘Delusional’ Drake Obsessed With Rihanna?

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  • DonCDaCapo

    Aha the cat got the boy sprung don’t it

    • Supreme Trunks

      I forgot who said it but someone was like ” I’d avoid messin wit her cause she got the cat of gold. It make dudes lose they minds”

  • 100squad

    Naw, naw its y’all thats obsessed wiff Drake. Y’all talk bout em so much ya breath gone start smelling like Funk Flex..

  • Food4Thought

    Is some years this nigga gon end up getting her pregnant..They just playing that cat and mouse bullshit right now


    the nigga be smashing thick amazon looking stallion type bitches… why would he care about rihanna lil basic ass??

  • 100squad

    Glad to see the individuality of great minds, sharing a mutual consensus of HHE fuckery.. With that said back to the breathe of Flex. While I’m thankful & blessed to never have had the wind blow any of Flex’s breathe or other my way (praying hands)..its easy to see that his breathe either smells like Drake or Ass..& on some days a combo like Mc Donalds double quarter pounder meal 100% bs

  • Poopmaster

    I feel like this website obsessed with drake.