Drake Trashes Donald Trump From Stage In England

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  • Astronaut


  • Pyramid33


  • kautious18

    That’s a general statement—he didn’t say a name so…..go drizzy?

  • FireKraker

    i’m not trying to hear shit from Drake about keeping the world together when he can’t even stop beefing with other black ppl. Like Trump is going to lose sleep over what a rapper thinks of him, and a Canadian one at that.

    • Craig

      In all fairness, its just all lame rap beef and nothing more, plus more people seem to go at him rather than the other way around. I think if left alone he would just go about his culture vulture business and nothing more.

  • Craig

    Flight Ban coming soon. Trump could mess around and stop his cashflow in the states. I hope his work visa is in order.