Drake Teases A Collab With Kanye West

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  • Brock Thunder

    Is Drake fucking Swift to make her famous again?

  • MartyMcFly

    Who gives a fuck about taylor swift. Nightmare before christmas lookin skinny ass bitch

    • Dundada

      Sorry I can only up vote once.

      • Johnny Doe

        I gotchu fam

      • Johnny Digits

        Got u

  • Wyu Wannerno

    drake really doing ye a favor.

    • BrodieThaGod

      Lol how so? TLOP was dope and did pretty well

      • Wyu Wannerno

        Drake the hottest nigga out right now, you can’t deny that, even if you don’t like dude. not to mention all the records he smashes in his career

        “Back in May, Drake surpassed Elvis for the most simultaneous top 100
        charting songs. But this latest accomplishment means that Drake has now
        tied Michael Jackson for what Billboard calls ”the longest-ever
        simultaneous domination of the two rankings by a male artist,” with
        Jackson likely to be surpassed this month.”

        • BrodieThaGod

          Bruh trust me I know, Drake my favorite artist and rapper but he’s definitely not doing Ye a favor lol he’s bigger than Yeezy right now but Kanye far from needing help. It’s just 2 friends making dope ass music.

  • FireKraker

    they’re both under rival streaming services and the both of them love fighting over something to be exclusive to theirs’, so i’ll believe that shit when i see it.