Drake Sports The Midnight Navy Air Jordan 16 Retro Before Release [PHOTO]

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  • BrodieThaGod

    Who gives a fuck


    Ugliest retros ever

    • IMOfuckurthoughts

      Look like same shoe that came out b4..new nugga

  • Ryan Smith-Mosley

    Then bitches ugly af

  • JSlimm65

    Yall niggas loco them hoes go so hard….he just ain’t wearing em right with them skinny jean windbreakers and the Bravestarr jacket!!

    • lean_legend

      skinny jeans? dude look like he wearing some silk track pants

      • NYCityKid

        Stripclub attire.

  • James Davia

    It don’t matter wat u wear shits look like the middle school shaqs from target that we used for P.E.

  • teddy t.stupid

    They str8 but fuck them $325 Jordan’s gimme sum timberlands r sum polo bucks & I’m good

    • IMOfuckurthoughts

      -du rag

  • Naija2ghana

    dOpe Shit But Dont Fit Shit

  • Astronaut

    Why pay more for the same shiit

  • ballin.ben

    If you look at a vid that Charlamagne did on the Joe Budden/Drake beef,
    you can ascertain that Drake is a puppet for Satan. I mean you think it
    would be obvious to everyone with the whole “666” on his last rap, not
    r&b album, and him calling himself the 6god, but each time Joe
    Budden releases a diss record to Drake, there’s a mass shooting in
    America. That’s how much of a bitch Drake is.. Instead of responding to
    Joe Budden’s disses with a diss of his own, he’s going to shoot and kill
    people and try to guilt trip Joe Budden into not dissing him, which is
    stupid. Drake is a pussy ass bitch and he wants to be me in real life.
    Nigga is a yellow cornball who tries to shapeshift into a Puerto Rican,
    he shapeshifts so much that Joe Budden thought he got plastic surgery. I
    got proof that Young Thug and Kevin Gates are demons too – screenshots.
    Check my instagram /ballin.ben if you think I’m joking lol. Peace be
    with you.

  • ballin.ben

    Most of Drake’s “goons” and online stans are puppets – corpses possessed
    by the devil. The people that were harassing Joe Budden at his house
    are undoubtedly puppets as well. They are all literally the same person,
    with one mind as is said in scripture, The Revelation 17:13

  • Pat313

    Watch these niggas get clap n rob over dis shit… just like every jordan’s release. MJ dnt give 2 fucks about the black community killin each other over his shoes

  • William Flanagan

    Quality Actav_Purple,Hitech,Xanny,Trama,Oxyco,Perks,OPs
    Proofs be4 you Grab

  • Donald Quimby

    Where my Gee’s at?
    Tired of Dudes getting your Bread and Not delivering
    I have the (ActaVi$$ Purple )
    Pain KillerZ (Generic PillZZ Or Original ones)
    Fone # {+19102}_,36_2789

  • Supreme Trunks

    If it ain’t the Jordan13 Navy Blue I can’t respect it.