Drake Sports Unreleased Air Jordans

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  • Ye’


  • Dylan Millions

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  • yung’n realtalk

    fuck you drake

  • WhoIsMeekMill?

    If Nike gave them to me for free, yeah.

    Otherwise I’d be in the jordan 5s like any real sneaker head.

    My question is, why is Joe Buggins not sponsored by Nike? I mean, JOEY GOT BARS.

    Who is meek sponsored by? Fila? Osh Kosh?

    • Frank Reynolds

      its called marketing. joe budden and meek are better rappers than drake, just every high schooler and person who thinks they like hip hop think drake is amazing so of course they would sign drake. just has a really good voice, doesnt make him very talented

      • WhoIsMeekMill?

        I agree man. Everybody knows

        J O E Y G O T B A R S

      • Allen Smith

        Niggas only like rappers when they r the under dog when they become that guy it’s “like ehhhh he never was that good he’s just popular” GET THE F**K OUT

        And no I’m not a drake fan boy FABOLOUS is killin everything but the nigga drake is actually good fam like him or not

  • ballin.ben

    Most of Drake’s “goons” and online stans are puppets – corpses possessed
    by the devil. The people that were harassing Joe Budden at his house
    are undoubtedly puppets as well. They are all literally the same person,
    with one mind as is said in scripture, The Revelation 17:13

  • ballin.ben

    I swear, Drake is some high yellow mixed nigga who wishes that he was
    Puerto Rican. The nigga has no real identity and keeps shapeshifting to
    look like me in real life – this nigga wants to be me in real life, not
    even lying. Look at his old pictures and compare. This lil nigga used to
    look like fucking spongebob squarepants with glasses on lol. Ol acting
    ass nigga like Will Smith trying to rap and get jiggy with it.

  • ballin.ben

    If you look at a vid that Charlamagne did on the Joe Budden/Drake beef,
    you can ascertain that Drake is a puppet for Satan. I mean you think it
    would be obvious to everyone with the whole “666” on his last rap, not
    r&b album, and him calling himself the 6god, but each time Joe
    Budden releases a diss record to Drake, there’s a mass shooting in
    America. That’s how much of a bitch Drake is.. Instead of responding to
    Joe Budden’s disses with a diss of his own, he’s going to shoot and kill
    people and try to guilt trip Joe Budden into not dissing him, which is
    stupid. Drake is a pussy ass bitch and he wants to be me in real life.
    Nigga is a yellow cornball who tries to shapeshift into a Puerto Rican,
    he shapeshifts so much that Joe Budden thought he got plastic surgery. I
    got proof that Young Thug and Kevin Gates are demons too – screenshots.
    Check my instagram /ballin.ben if you think I’m joking lol. Peace be
    with you.

    • Astronaut

      Publish this shiit in a newspaper or magazine. Shiits hilarious.

    • Matt Leon

      I had to upvote this lol. This seems like a laaaarge stretch but your theory does have some good backing lol.

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)


  • NaZe

    fuck jordans

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