Drake Shows Off Physique; Justin Bieber Swoons

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  • iPhone

    Smh I look better then this nigga and I can’t even afford a strict diet like he can.


      I guarantee you don’t look better than him

      • iPhone

        Let me DM you on ig then since you wanna be a non believer.

        • Mj Bangura


          • CLOVER•

            Niggas got something Goin on lmfao

      • CLOVER•


  • yomama69 #69Squad

    yall canada niggas need to take this L

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      Just one? I’m bout ready to empty the vault on them muthafuckaz lol

      • eh

        i’ll take drake and biebs, u take Thug and Rich Homo Queen

        • Somebody that Nobody knows

          Nah I’m good u could have all 4 my g

    • 100squad

      From here on out when you google the letter “L” these two will be associated with it.

  • Trip6

    soff tingzzz