Drake Rumored To Be Getting Some Hadid Action

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  • Music Magicbox

    “I like my women bbw” dang bruh what happenEd? This chick here is more like snw (she need weight)

  • smith jones

    Smhh i work at a hospital my broke ass is flirting with doctors and hoes that work with the higher ups……

    If I was rich I’d be flirting with people above me…. fuck these models.. get a chick that owns her own company. That got more planesthen you

    • Food4Thought

      That’s what I’m saying ..Not to mention these niggas pass around the same 5 chicks..Buffet pussy for everybody

  • xnoxes

    I’m not gonna lie that little jab on drake at the end is priceless

  • jurassicjrod

    who cares