Drake Reveals How Many Copies Of ‘Views’ Sold In One Night

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  • MartyMcFly

    Stop with the fuckin drake aricles every 5 minutes! Good god

    • yourstomine

      You mad bro?

      • MartyMcFly

        Annoyed by 75% of the articles being about an average ass album. Dick rider central

        • ITS ME

          you find these annoying. i find annoying ass shit kanye west articles annoying. it’s all a matter of perspective

          • MartyMcFly

            True, its the same thing with ye too. They do one thing and they blow up the website haha. I mean i think out the last 10 articles 7 are drake. Im a fan, but this is ridiculous

          • Yepyep

            At least Kanye worked for his hype. From his twitter ranting to his album release show he put in work marketing that album. I can even go as far to say that TLOP was a better album than Views. But Views definitely got the tracks to put you in your feelings which I can appreciate.

        • Zero

          Annoyed by an article? If that annoys you then you must be hella sad about something. It’s an article man, move on lol

        • Vulqn

          They wrote an article about an album pulling the biggest numbers of the year. regardless of what you think about that album, it is definitely news worthy. Certainly more so than Ice Cube talking about conspiracies in an interview.

          • burk

            Exactly hypocrite ass Ice cube , him and ice -T are fucking lame , pandering to tv and movie excutives and making wack shit . Like the Dave Chappell said you can’t sacrifice your artistic intergrity for some Hollywood fame

    • Human

      Fully agreed. Although the album will make Drake a lot of money, Views is mediocre.

    • Dereck Steele

      i never understand how someone says this yet u clicked on the article to read it and leave a comment lol

      • MartyMcFly

        Its called an opinion. Takes 5 seconds to leave a comment and when its literally 70% drake im gonna say somethin. Shits overhyped

        • djayjb09

          But the article is about…..DRAKE. Wow who would’ve guessed. Maybe you should read before you comment

      • mike

        rite i click to see wut says and keep it moving…these dudes have fullon arguments on shit “they dont care about”

    • Zero

      nah we good. calm down it ain’t that serious

  • Everybody can do these numbers with the new streaming = record sales stuff.

    • Young Flacko

      Not all, only dudes like Hov, Kanye, and Drake. Possibly Kendrick and Cole

      • NightShade


        • Zero

          and no

          • NightShade

            what other new rapper making more noise then future

          • Zero

            Future is probably the most well known trap rapper but he’s no where near big enough to do 600,000+ overnight. Yes, his fanbase and everything is big but even with this new streaming system it’s not possible.

            The world cares for more for country and RnB than rap or trap music. Hence Take Care and Views but up such big numbers.

          • NightShade

            What are u saying? Views is Rap not RnB, its just mainstream rap. The moment Future switches from trap to mainstream what do u think thats going to do to his numbers? if he plays his cards right he has the support and fan base to make 600,000+.

          • Supreme Trunks

            I don’t know if you can really say Views was a rap album. Let’s be honest. It’s 85% Singing and 15% talking/reminiscing

          • NightShade

            the only reason u consider Drake as RnB is because we dont have real RnB like Usher, RKelly, BOys 2 Men, etc

          • Supreme Trunks

            Nah I wouldn’t call him R&B either. I just had a convo with my co-worker about this and I think Drake is in his own lane. Think of it. This isn’t rap like Em, Kendrick, J.Cole etc. where he just going off but it’s not R&B like you said. I would call it “alternative rap”

          • NightShade

            thats exactly what it is, artist like The Weekend also fall into that category.

      • kobe

        SLIM JESUS

        • Zero


    • thoseinspace

      You do it then, just to prove your point..

    • Ljbanga

      But everyone isn’t doing those numbers with new streaming.

  • DaHoppa

    crashing servers

  • Johnathan Dough

    Overhyped af

  • LatarionMilton

    Drake has been on a roll the last few years but this album just aint it. Cant hate on those numbers but I see alot of people are hypebeast when it comes to music nowadays, afraid to have an opinion and too busy following what others think is dope.

  • yung

    they gon think you won a grammy

  • yung

    whats everyone favourite track so far … jus askin

    • Young Flacko

      Weston Road Flows no doubt

  • Boo Gotti


  • ilikemusic.