Did Drake Really Invent ‘YOLO?’ Shark Tank Star Says No (But He Didn’t Either)

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  • White Jesus

    who gives a fuck

  • goldentiger3

    It’s not like it has any more rights to him now before drake said it, either way people will remember drake for it before this guy. People always trying to make money one way or another, not to mention he late.

  • KarmaSapien

    Everytime something is making money or popular, everyone want to come stake a claim. When the ship starts to sink, they’ll hand the rights over to the nearest scapegoat they can find. It’s like when people win the lottery and find out that the whole world is their family. -_-

  • YUNGshoota187

    only thing drake invented is 52 new ways to be a bitch nigga.

    • waynecarter12

      you a hoe bitch. stank broke ass wearing that extra tight fuckin t shirt

    • waynecarter12

      fuck boy

  • Hoolah hoop

    I think what Drake meant was that he made the term popular. He have even said that he was introduced to “YOLO” by Rick Ross.