Drake Pledges Hurricane Relief For Houston [PHOTOS]

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  • Astronaut

    Real shiit

  • Food4Thought

    When disasters like this happen it really should make everyone realize how much time we spend fighting over small and stupid shit like race or sexuality

  • TKingLives

    Good for him! Alot of Celebrities will just post about it and say pray for Houston but he’s actually doing something to help.

  • Robyns

    I really wonder why they don’t evacuate people to higher ground before disasters hit like this. I mean I’m assured they already knew this storm was coming. Plus how is it uninsured when Federal Reserves pays commercial banks aka member banks 6% every year? Uninsured?? They print money for wars and lie about so called debt, but when a disaster hits a city it’s uninsured?? Thank you politics for being illogical…..