Drake Pledges Allegiance To Beyonce

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  • I_AM_Houston

    These industry niggas gotta be tired of Drake liking they chicks all the time. Dude dont know if he want Bey, Nicki, or Riri smh

    • Thee_One1

      I think he playing a strategic game on his competition. He running through broads like crazy.

    • Ben Blazon

      Before I start, nice name. Hustle Town , all day errday.
      But bro these ladies are “sex symbols,” they dudes can’t be getting mad cuz someone likes/gets inspiration from they’re girl, when they’re known Worldwide. It’s happens everyday, they know what’s up. But guess what? Jay must be doing something right, nah?

      Plus, bitches (suckas included) inspect everything on every one of Drake’s post.

  • Craig

    Or he’s just a big fan with a poster. It’s just her face.

  • Dirt

    Y’know.. I think I finally know what it means when they say HHE reach for Drake articles

  • BrodieThaGod

    Fucked up thing is they ignore the caption “4 MILLI COMING SOON” that shit a new single or project? Nah they focus on the poster in the background smh