Drake Is Either Teasing Taylor Swift Or Teasing Something With Taylor Swift

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  • Chancin’ ✝

    And the dickrider award goes to…

  • Blur

    This track will most likely be garbage, Mout


      you just mad cuz you not drake or you don’t look like him

      • Realest Niqqa Alive


      • youareincorrectbitchnigga


        • PREDATOR

          real talk stop hating on the man.if you wanna look like him say it.dont bash it

      • kushxchevys

        Im a drake head but got dam nigga that ssit was ssuspect

      • everytime I think I’ve seen the dumbest shit on the internet, people always surprise me lol

    • Matt Leon

      I gotta disagree on that one bro. Not a collab I would call a dream collab in anybody’s wish list but I think these two would make a good song together. It’ll get overplayed like One Dance and Bad Blood but it’ll be a pretty nice song for at least a little while before that happens lol.

  • Duke Duked

    Drake the most over hyped

  • Astronaut

    Id like 2 hear Taylor Swift on some gangsta shiit.

    • Cuban Pete


  • Poopmaster

    She look good from the back tho real talk

  • Johnny Doe

    Drake always reminded me of the light skin nigga version of Taylor Swift

  • Lamar XnoXes

    Hiphopearly – Drake edition.

  • BOny Soprano

    Smh yeah thats Velvet aight

  • Cuban Pete

    That would be a suitable pairing for Drakes lame ass. And help Taylor break into rap music more like shes desperate to do. Then she can join Kim K all over the ‘Hip Hop’ sites