Drake Hints At ‘More Life’ Dropping Today

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  • Yapper

    Ya’ll late this was posted last night

  • bawse


  • Thee_One1


  • Drake, please keep your music to yourself.

  • TKingLives

    should be good

  • Allen Smith

    Nigga if u just don’t drop this shit…. it was supposed to come out around the time cole dropped his, its been three months nigga come tf on

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    From Da comment he liked on IG… Here’s Da explanation: It Wuznt a hint at releasing Da album. He Wuz writing in Swedish & he’s Gon be in Sweden today. He always promotes More life & Datz why he put More Life on there. He deleted it cuz He thought Ppl would think Da album was dropping Today.

    • HotlineQueef

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      • Jared Kloth

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        • HotlineQueef

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          • Jared Kloth

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          • Jared Kloth

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          • Jared Kloth

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          • HotlineQueef

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