Drake Has A New Album Coming; Makes Up With Rival On Stage

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  • Killa Cam Newton

    Guess I will take one for the team and admit I read the article. Just thank me with a upvote

    • Da Truth

      Yeah they got me too, but if you re reading this it’s too late but you can thank me later

    • Frank White

      this wasn’t even an article…it was 4 big ass Instagram photos with their own captions….

  • Jordan Dyer

    lmao, as big a hit as his last two sleepers? probably, he has morons in a headlock with this ripoff dancehall shit.

    • Ghostface-

      “sleepers” xD

    • ant


  • TKingLives

    Good, Lanez is the future.

  • Jesse Mccree

    Not too many people have rapped better over one of Drake’s beats that he did himself, but Lanez ripped that Controlla remix. That’s his song now

  • Retorik1

    As always I keep it 100 drake is talented but im a hip hop cat so he misses me with alot of his music but I am a Tory fan since way back in da mr peterson days and hes a true artist..the cat gets off lyrically he can really spit then he somehow turns the same voice into a r&b monster but he got that street in him and its what drake never could have since he got degrassi on his resume..