Drake Got Restaurant To Play JAY-Z’s New Album Right When It Dropped

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  • TKingLives

    Everybody gets hype when a new Jay album comes out, EVERYBODY

    • BDrivens

      well you gotta think about it, its career suicide for anyone who admits they dont give a fuck about a new JayZ album

  • Mike Power

    jay album is straight fire, that’s just facts!!!

  • Sad part is people like me been saying shit that jay talking about but you know the internet or someone fav rapper gotta talk a ot it first but now lets see who gets the message or even attempts anything or is it all theoretical internet talk…anyways better invest before stocks only become a thing for rich

    • Food4Thought

      Straight facts homie..Them same niggas on ig fake flexing bout to be the same ones talking how wack it is for dudes posting that money phone bullshit

      • Can’t tell these niggas nothin but I want to thank everyone on the internet for keeping me up on trends and helping me pick what stocks to buy for the future I wanna thank y’all for Apple Verizon and Comcast thank you guys for being idiots with no direction shout out to the have nots

  • Bagk

    I mean the album nice, but he wasn’t saying anything I didn’t know about money. Investing in stock; Warren Buffet makes more in the month than Lebron makes in year with his NBA contract. He had $90,000 invested in stock when he was 19. Milton Hershey stopped going to school at the 6th grade. The painting line going from 1-8 million probably has people thinking I should buy art. Wrong. Make an original painting piece then bid it and watch it go up over time… Jay is cool on the business side, but he bought businesses; he didn’t start them up. That’s the difference between him and Rockefeller. I mean he has Roc Nation, but the entertainment isn’t Walt Disney, MGM caliber. I wish some of this type of sense would’ve hit Richard and Maurice McDonald before Ray Kroc raped them. I guess Five Guys wasn’t playing that shit lol. Still, corporations are still getting over on people at the expense of their life for their good ole fortune. You can’t tell everyone that they can be bosses; whose going to work for them? Bosses? Lol. It’s just unethical, but I like what Uber did kind of. It’s a way to equalize the wealth without just giving people the money, but the world is selfish to let that happen.

  • Jay $tack$

    ive been saying that money phone shit corny for years.