Drake Gets Nationalistic In Latest Meek Mill Barb

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  • dj202

    Lmao mad at what? Stop while u ahead. Don’t need another common or puffy episode in your life.

    • CrabbyNiggasEverywhere

      Meek milly mad asf

    • Samisback

      puffy almost caught a domestic when he slapped that bitch

  • chapo87

    Canadian guy using an American guy to write his songs.

  • Joshua Pugh

    There ain’t no loyalty in the US….even from the city where u might thought it would be expected

    • ChiTownT

      There’s is bruh, but unfortunately it’s in small pockets . I get your point though. Not to the extent it should be.Chi niggas get hated on the most in the Chi. We get mad love in other cities. That’s why a lot of our artist relocate and sometimes that’s when they really blow.

      • Joshua Pugh

        Yea they love chicago artist in pittsburgh…that’s sad when ya city don’t wanna see u make it

        • Brandon Braxton

          Blind loyalty will have you runnin in circles. Drakes just better then Meek no matter what city they’re in. I’m from Philly and I can tell you that Drake gets played at least twice an hour on the radio and aside from the day DWMTM dropped, Meek shit rarely ever gets played.

          • Joshua Pugh

            Drake has a bigger brand than meek all around…meek spoke too soon..but he don’t get no love from where he came from…that’s wack to me

    • TimDerr

      plenty of loyalty in America. More then any other country out there. There just aint none where you at unfortunately but dont let that get you down.

  • MrMc Clay

    Now take drake out of this let him do something else for a living Rap started in America and that’s that what a theft.

  • Milo Da God

    But Rap was made in America….not to Mention Drake is signed to an American….. also an American wrote his raps

    • keithsweat


      • 100squad

        I wonder how many people who head that went over,..Besides ain’t the #1 selling thing out of Canada Maple Syrup? SmH, everybody know America where it’s at, if not why everybody trying to get here? Speaks for itself..

        • TheHell

          Maple Syrup? Really…. Thank you for showing your incredible ignorance with the oldest Canada joke in the book.

  • ChiTownT

    Naw lil Jimmy, not all the Americans. Just one. Don’t get shit misconstrued.

  • jahhhh b

    Shouldn’t a said that punk

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  • Anthony Henderson

    Respect has been lost. Time to boot em out the crew. Especially before he gets hurt. Pretending

  • ChampagnePapiDevine!

    I think that I might like THIS site… Something new something fresh I LIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*‿*✿)