Drake Fans Troll Meek Mill With ‘More Life’ Flower Emojis

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  • You mad huh?

    drake fans be annoying as fuck man. you can like both artists despite their past beef

    • Chancin’ ✞

      Fax but nobody likes Meek screaming ass

      • AC

        u do understand u just contradicted yourself

    • Craig

      His fans and his haters…they both talk too much.

  • Kenny Woods

    im sick of this if meek and the chaser dnt touch these ovo punks im done with meek this is annoying when meek gone do sum thin about all this pussy ass talk drake doing you fight a fan at an air port ya team run down on the miller kid when y’all gone do something to drake and the game for all the disrespect that been going on

    • imaginationsequation

      Meek can’t do anything to drake personally less he ready to go to jail, but these sites like to post drake and meek articles cause they get the most comments, and that’s how these sites make their $$$ from our comments

    • Matt Leon

      There’s nothing Meek can do about this. If he tried to put up another Drake diss, it would have to be the most murderous drake diss track that a nigga ever heard, otherwise, it would just destroy his career cause everybody would be riding him about how corny it was.

      • Kenny Woods

        You rite he gotta do something to stop the shots from coming I think if they just beat him up he won’t have shit to say like when Diddy smacked his weak ass he ain’t wanna rap about that tho

        • Matt Leon

          Well if they beat Drake up, that won’t solve nothing but it will make things worse for Meek’s side, I’m sure. Drake got too many fans, that means level headed fans that see rap beef as something to joke about, and mental fans like the dumbasses that tried to roll up on Joe Budden.

  • LatarionMilton

    Some of those stans can also be found in the HHE comment sections.

    • imaginationsequation

      Like Brodie bawse and especially kush, those guys gobble nuts like they on cash money roster

      • LatarionMilton

        Dont think I ever seen bawse comment unless its about Drake lol

  • kinglobey

    drake got the same treatment when DC4 dropped but at the end of the day like my mans said already u can be a fan of both… just as long as u not one of those lames commenting emojis you straight…

  • Daniel King

    These Drake fans make me laugh he made one of the worst disses I have ever heard when one of my friends played just 2 mins of that lame Diss we had to turn that wack shit off he is a joke I no love for meek either this site need to stop dick riding this over rated trash r n b singer

    • Wavy

      you are on the wrong website for comments like that lol. you’ve been warned

  • imaginationsequation

    Respect for admitting you gobble cash money nuts a bit lol, your not as bad as kush tho