Is Drake Done With His Cash Money Contract?

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  • Mr. Smith

    Apparently its true. Drakes contract was to release 4 albums under Cash Money/Young Money and even though this is a mix tape, hes releasing it as an album to so it can count as a fourth album for the labels so he can be done with them. Now he can drop all his music under his own OVO label.

    • realrap

      what a great move…good for wayne and drake

  • tdot6ix

    if drake was smart he would still be good with wayne and etc but leave ym in good terms and sign to his own label and try to bring artists up more like he is doing now

  • Acaseforrevelations

    I’m wondering if he can actually do that. I don’t think he can. Wayne can’t even drop his album you think Drake can drop a surprise album without permission that counts for this contract? I don’t think so…

  • Ray Droste

    Im so sick of hearing bout this soft ass nigga, nobody gives a fuck bout, young money, cash money. god damn

    • DEEBO

      Yet they sell more than ugly ass pro era but you stay salty

      • Ray Droste

        Thats the difference between cash money and pro era, pro era dont care bout money. They here to change the game. So selling shit dont mean nothing

        • DEEBO

          it mean people care more about them then pro era