Drake Discusses His Relationship With Nicki Minaj (& The Weeknd & Kanye)

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  • Heard they got 3 songs in the chamber……may still happen

    • CLOVER•

      Yo bro where could download views for free ?
      Deadass though

      • ChiTownT

        Audiocastle bruh. I wasnt paying for that shit

        • CLOVER•

          But yo bro theres mad pop ups redirecting me and shit
          I tried it this morning my nigga i slammed my egg sandwich i gave up yuh heard loll

          • ChiTownT

            Damn bruh I don’t know. It worked for me fairly easy. One of these Stan ass niggas gotta know an easy way

          • CLOVER•

            Lmao ikr
            Ive been lurkin on the comments tryna find a way
            Thanks btw
            Yo bro is it worth downloading and listening to ? I mean i fucks with drake but i would like an honest opinion cause you know niggas like to troll and shit

          • Ayanna


        • CLOVER•

          Good lookin

  • Disordah1027

    I envision a drake and ye album,,wit timbaland’s production behind it,,,timeless music

  • HotlineQueef

    if drake and kanye made a album or tape it would mostly be references of fingers in the ass while drake moaing ans singing. then kanye with put in his shitty grill and start to munch on dingle berries

    • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

      you stay wildin lmao

    • fillmo

      Show turbo’s teeth Tuesday and girl get a tantrum, I always wait on Mookie, D muthafucka D, ish bibbly boat dock wind stop why not? Who knew 6 was sinking 9. Hell Mamie lost all the crumbs, Aye! Tony don’t ring that bell. Whew! say word to Elmo

      • ilikemusic.

        da fuq

    • Skylark Deez Nutz


  • Chill Life

    Can picture this mixtape now. Dark lyrics with good bars and weird beats cause of kanye. I’m looking forward to this.

  • IFernedYou .

    Now a days if there isn’t a story, they make one.

  • AwazBeatz

    Does anyone need high quality beat??

  • jtsksu