Drake Defends Lil Wayne (And Takes Shot At Chris Brown)

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  • JonSnow

    Damn Chris hahah

  • HotlineQueef

    chris would wash both drake & rihianna in a fight. 2 on 1 is still fair if its against chris and the smart $ goes on chris.

    • WhoIsMeekMill?

      chris grew up the black nsync bro. he lashed out and became a fake blood when he realized he was the black justin timberlake. he has no real friends (cause he got famous too early in life) and now he is where he is. I feel bad for the guy but acting like he is tough is….. nah

      • HotlineQueef

        he has gotten extorted so much that he actually is tough now.

      • HotlineQueef

        also fuck Nsync. they are all faggots. backstreet boys 4 life nigger WHAAAAAAAAT

      • KD

        drake aka jimmy brooks grew up in degrassi bro. now hes a pop singer shooting music videos in blood hoods with the game lmao at least chris can act tough drake looks scared in the 100 video. now he thinks he gangsta cause he did a song gucci mane lmao

        • WhoIsMeekMill?

          I didnt say drake was hard. I just said chris is a child star, not hard.

          That said, I’m pretty sure drake smashed a champagne bottle on his head. So

  • kautious18

    Sooooo basically drizzy only showed support for weezy cuz breezy did—has drizzy ever spoke on it before?? Drizzy u jew you

    • WhoIsMeekMill?

      bra the last time somebody did anything because chris brown did it was like 2002

      • HotlineQueef


    • HotlineQueef

      yeah drake is a butt pirate to the fullest. we all try to ignore it for the sake of music. the Ja Rule flame still burns deep within him so thats why we give him a pass

    • Drake Jr.

      go on the insta and look at his previous posts he been showin his support and has been havin weezy come out on his tour all these days. This is also a shot on Rick Ross cuz rick ross was talking bout him switching sides and going to mmg. If anything its ONLY s hot at rick ross=

      • kautious18

        If drizzy been showin his support for wayne–this site woulda been rite there w him—weezys not at every drake tour–he was jus in philly for the mia tour—and since yer bringin up ross—was drizzy supportin wayne before ross made that comment—drizzy sr is a certified sucka

      • KD

        drake is a sucka. i remember he got asked about the the lil wayne and birdman beef in one of his interviews and he said something like hey man i have the utmost respect for birdman and i hope they can work that stuff out. same with nicki minaj, now drake tryna act like he been supporting wayne the whole time. chris got him in his feelings.

  • hangurself

    Where’s my gun at oh damn da bitch took it….weirdos.

  • Chicagoan

    Soft RnB singin, dancin ass pussy wont do shit. He beats women and pulls guns on women at home, lmfaooooooooo even if it aint true, clown ass sucka regardless, just like a dude named aubrey!

    • The_real_Tito

      word fuck these rich ass niggas who get bitches on a daily basis… sidenote, bruh what time your shift at Walmart start?

      • John Claude di Ronaldi


  • Food4Thought

    Chris Brown been suffering from an identity crisis.I live in VA and Trey Songz is the one who people fuck with forreal on the r&b shit.Not to mention that picture would make a sick cover for C5

    • BDrivens

      Trey Songz is from VA, of course they gonna fuck with him heavy over there.

      • Food4Thought

        So is Chris Brown but nobody wants to support that fake gang banging lifestyle he switched to

  • Livelearnproceed

    Chris Brown is twice as talented than Drake, Chris can actually Sing,dance everything he is 27 with 50million to his name without having endorsement deals since 2009 Drake soft as fuck that’s why Puff beat his ass in Miami Drake the type that goin get his ass beat by Rihanna

    • Ye’

      Chris garbage bro he can sing dance but doesn’t make good music

  • Myleage

    doesnt make sense for him to come at chris brown. chris brown didnt say anything wrong

    • Ye’

      Bro he just said weirdo people reaching

      • Myleage

        that’s what im saying pretty much. as in it doesnt make sense why that would be towards chris brown so the media tryna start something

  • ElDominican

    Of course that sensitive bitch Drake is going to defend that retarded ass faggot. Their butt fuck buddies for life bound to each other for the rest of their life. They both make horrible music and are fake ass gangstas that have no talents and are a waste of matter. Damn fucking idiots. The fans are worse are definitely the dumbest ones out there.

  • Freddie94

    I honestly just think it’s funny that the media blows up every little situation and turns it into something bad. I would’t be surprised if tomorrow there’s an article saying “Chris Brown drinks a Pepsi knowing that Drake loves Coke. Shots fired? Subliminal towards Drake?” Lmao media be wildin lol

  • ilikemusic.

    I just wanna hear Carter 5

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