Drake Brings Out Nicki Minaj To Perform ‘No Frauds’ [VIDEO]

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  • Lol shoe

    This song is terrible, and so is the beat tbh.

    • Matt Leon

      I ain’t gon say all that. It’s a fire song but as a diss track, it’s terrible. I’ll bump the shit in my car all day but as a diss track, it’s weak.

      • Worldwide Intentionz

        Right I swear I can listen to it as a regular track but diss track? Not even close…

        • Matt Leon

          Exactly. In a way though, I guess Nicki can kinda count that as a win. I sure wouldn’t but that’s just me.

    • kushxchevys

      Drake cpuld have gone harder thats it. Isnt terrible don’t lie to urself lol the worlds still playing it out rifht now

      • Lol shoe

        Yea? The World is playing Lil Uzi, Lil Yatchy on the radio. That doesn’t mean that their music is “Good”.

        • kushxchevys

          U got me on that uzi and yatvh but dont compare them to WAYNE DRAKE AND NICKI


    I get the hype with Drake, the guy is a consummate performer, but Nicki is literally a cardboard cutout of a human being. Drake’s killing it in a tshirt and jeans but nicki in that extra getup walking around awkwardly like she just got pulled up out the audience to sing along

    • LUSKI


  • Pyramid33

    She knew she couldn’t win this rap battle.

    Only thing she can do now is make sales off this situation by getting Drake and Wayne to feature and perform it at Drake’s tour. She’s doing it for the sales.

    Nicki awkward on stage because she knows she has taken an L.

    • kushxchevys

      Idk g can u not hear the crowd?

      • Pyramid33

        I’d be hype too if Drake brought out Nicki. Don’t get me wrong.
        Doesn’t change the fact Remy was more savage in her bars. Kinda fucked up almost. lol

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      You noticed her behavior too Huh? Awkwarrrrrrrd.