Drake Blasts Hot 97; Ebro & Funk Flex Respond

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  • frankwhitedc

    First .

  • frankwhitedc

    All these niggas in this article hoes

    • Walter Clemmens

      word 2 ur mom

      • frankwhitedc


  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    Ebro shouldn’t have made up some shit for attention, he’s such an attention whore. Yall know Flex lying too he ain’t got nothin to tell us as usual. A bunch of fuckin coons and clowns.

    • black_mamba_fam

      Drop a 1000 bombs and nobody gon be listening.

    • BuyEmAnWearEm

      You remember what happened last time Flex promised us something smh

      • E-go-tis-ti-cal

        Exactly bruh

    • ghghgfh

      Dumbass. Drink bleach.

    • goldentiger3

      Sadly this is how most beef starts, but Drake is smart enough to make ebro an enemy before eminem. I like Drake and any other rapper knows that rap battling eminem is one thing you dont do. No matter who the rapper is, so when a dumbass rumor starts because niggas want publicity you have to put a stop to it immediately. Ebro just took a huge L.

  • Chill Life

    Is drake more mad at the joke, or the fact that everybody on social media laughed at the thought of him and eminem going at it.

    • Jake Wyler

      Was thinking the same thing

    • BiggMike

      He lied on Drake to the whole world just to get ppl to listen to him.. Weak desperate move.

      • KZOO

        Drake still has Playskool bars and Views was still trash. Eminem would bury wheelchair Jimmy.

    • Ye’

      Drake mad that Ebro almost had em go at him

  • ITS ME

    i’ve never been a fan of ebro. old ass attention seeker

  • Chicagoan

    Gossipin ass dudes, i could never talk my ass off for a job or career. Mainly because i dont have much to say. Rap game fucked up beyond recognition now! All that “it was a joke” and “we was jokin” shit dont fly where im from. U dry snitchin lies!!! Where in the absolute fuck they do that at!!??

  • ilikemusic.

    Funk Flex gon drop bombs on Drakelyn….Hope you stans are ready

  • HotlineQueef

    old men battling a jew nig canadian. the entire hip hop is just bored. people miss 50 cent but forget he destroyed everything and then once all the good rappers were gone solja boy and faggots like him destroyed everything. hip hop is going back into a depression

    • DJ SMOKE

      shut yo puss ass up talking that bullshit

      • HotlineQueef

        fuck off ass hole loser

    • lando

      U sound stupid as fuck.

      • HotlineQueef

        u sound like a rape victim

    • HILLBILLY♢[Dope]

      Your a bitch

      • HotlineQueef

        you eat boy cunt for a living. grow up faggot

        • HILLBILLY♢[Dope]

          ewww u a fggt

    • Freddie94

      I actually agree with you bro. These little kids too stupid to understand what your saying but I caught your drift. Raps been dead and we need more saviors. Not too sure about the 50 cent thing but fag ass rappers have took over indeed.

      • HotlineQueef

        what i meant with 50 is that he tried taking out all the competition. those competitors were making great music. if they would have been able to be hot for longer then the room for the fuck boys would have been much more narrow. hip hop got fucked in 2005 when that bullshit ass D4L laffy taffy song came out. i remember thinking wtf is this and these stupid bitches liked it. that was the very beginning of the end

        • Freddie94

          Yeah I get you but still all these bullshit swag tracks need their own genre. Should be labeled Fag Rap

  • Rhymeschemin

    Ebro is a fucking clown after this. Man just made some dumb shit up to get his name some publicity and everyone bought into it.

    • DJ SMOKE

      Nah Ebro was a clown before this

  • ChiCity1988

    Now Ebro is back peddling what a pussy hahahahaaha

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Ebro snorting anthrax.

  • NaZe

    non story here

  • Kenny Rucka Jarvis

    Em hasn’t said a word that i know of Ebro loves stirring the shit. I have to say i don’t like that dude. In my opinion he’s a clown.

  • BDrivens

    in a few months we will hear a story bout how Drake immediately called Eminem and said Ebro is full of bullshit.lolol. also pleaded for his life prolly. should be funny

    -Drake stan

    • Spookeysmoker

      Typical suburban fuck I mean you see what his fans did lol

  • davey stoned

    pussy boy drake got his feelings hurt when the world let him no he stands absolutely no chance against Eminem. and now hes talking shit to the same people he pays to play his music. this shit is crazy.

    • Ye’

      I don’t think he give a fuck about y’all little trolling ass homos I think he was more scared of em himself

      • davey stoned

        nah bitches like you and drake always care what niggas think about them.

        • Ye’

          Nah you just have Down syndrome and think your opinion matters because someone told you that when you were growing up

          • davey stoned

            You think a disney kid singing in autotune is the best rapper and im the one with down syndrome huh? Does it bother you that your mother and father were brother and sister before they were husband and wife?

  • layover

    Y’all going at drake it’s funny like for real laughable. It’s like y’all refuse to hold a lying ass gossiping ass nigga accountable. For telling stories to keep him relevant. Man I’ve had real haters in my life that would do anything to put people against me. It’s something a boss could understand. The only pussy in this mix is Ebro for pulling some hoe shit. Flex a hoe for not keeping to the code as a Dj. Address the weak ass lying snitching bitch Flex. They both some hoes gossiping for a living and when they get mad got to burning your clothes and airing out your dirty laundry.

  • ghghgfh

    All of you drake, ass kissing puppets are braindead. And need to listen to some real rap, hip hop. Not 2000’s mainstream trash.

  • FireKraker

    i don’t have any respect for dudes starting or spreading rumors like a bunch of chicks in a beauty shop. Funk need to get out of his feelings ASAP.

  • Mike Donovan

    fuck drake


    Breakfast club>hot97

  • Spookeysmoker

    Ebro your so gay for this niggas be on such hoe shit…but I’ll sum drake up on why he’s so popular he’s half white from Canada a Jew and he’s a relatable rapper(white suburbia relatable) he’s not the best artist and he’s not the worse but when you have a white fan base you win by default but as far as the streets go he lost nobody repseck drake in the streets no street rapper and no street dudes….

  • Boo Gotti

    Once again mfs using drakes name for some relevance damn that must mean he’s the biggest shit in the game everybody wants a piece of his shine lol

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  • yolkipalki69

    Un real how you have this Canadian who does not write his own songs dissing a radio station that has been the staple of Hip Hop in NY regardless of how you feel about some of their hosts. ……. thats how you know NY went soft……….. someone needs to take that mans new chain next time he in NY. SMH

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