Drake And Young Thug Having Something Cooking

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  • Legendary Trolly

    after he dissed wayne so heavy? Come on drizzy, pay attention

    • Vio

      thugger loves wayne.. pay attention

    • SlimJuve25

      well he did fuck wayne’s girl when he was in jail, that about how much he cares for wayne, he used wayne to get were he is today, funny thing is wayne is doing the same thing drake did to try to get more money, except drake got more money by stopping wayne from digging in his pockets when they moved him from ymcm to cash money same level as wayne, so they really not homies don’t no why wanye fucks with him

      • FlyGuy23

        You dont keep up with drake and wayne, its nothing like that. Wayne is the man and Drake is the protege. Wayne is proud of drake meeting and surpassing waynes records such as bill board hits and albums sold 1st week, wayne did it back to back tho but anyway. Drake is young money he even tweeted it when wayne said he quitting rap, so did kendrick even young thug reached out man wayne is respected at such a high level. I personally dont listen to young thug cuz hes wack, but some songs are catchy like the one with lil wayne called “take kare”. Just saying drake inviting him on tour maybe making a song together should be cool cuz wayne knows drake just manipulating these niggas. He still young money idk what youre talking about, wayne gets paid off what drake makes album wise.

    • LatarionMilton

      Aint no love and loyalty in the rap game, just money.

    • Myleage

      yall thats old news. thug been said Wayne was his favorite rapper and that it wasnt serious. him and wayne have been on tracks together

      • Legendary Trolly

        He completely disrespected Wayne, and named his album after him. He was trolling him on the internet for a long time. He only tried to be friendly, when the shooting happened and tried to make it seem like it was support. But he recently dissed him again.

        Drake is looking wild for this one, and he should do everything in his power to blacklist young thug.

        • Myleage

          at the end of the day, we all grown. if my best friend was having issues with another person, as long as it aint deep or real beef, I can hang with whoever, but if it is some real beef, then it’s on on sight

  • Daniel King

    I would not watch either of em thug is wack and i can’t stand drake

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    Gay & Gayer will be the name of their joint mixtape. Who asked for this? Drake is the biggest swag leech in hip hop history and Thug is Gay as shit. I think I speak on behalf of all real men when I say, NO THANK YOU