Drake And Rihanna Have Broken Up

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  • Adam

    real question is … who gives a fuck. look im a fan or whatever but yall really on some dick riding shit talkin about drake 24/7. i mean who’s writing all this shit? are u not reading the comments and thinking “hmm u know these guys are right .. maybe i should write about something else for once” lol

    • Frank White

      u do realize regardless articles with Drake’s name in them seem to be the most popular despite a lot people talking shit about them…that would be like McDonalds getting rid of all their animal products because PETA is upset at them….Drake is HHE’s Big Mac…

  • black adam

    i just made a grilled cheese.

    ..it was okay.

    • Adam

      lmao great now i gotta change my name to white adam

      • Je’sus

        Or Shazam

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    • Craig

      Man, I think I may go to the melt for lunch. Why did you mention grilled cheese.

  • Astronaut

    HHE stepping it up “Amicable- politely disagree” word of the week lol.

  • Astronaut

    Drake Grab her by the pussy- Trump

  • Trabiscayne

    Shit I buss a nut this morning & only a little cum came out.

    • Dillz


  • KingNelson


  • James Davia

    Just shut up they were never together this dumb ass Nigga can’t stick with one female this was for publicity look at his relationship with Serena now she a thot in training making twerking videos

  • yolkipalki69

    Real love brakes through almost all obstacles ………..they claim to be such bosses yet they can not work out their own schedule for one another…..pshhh

  • I once saw dennis rodman eating out of a dumpster on third street in memphis

    • Supreme Trunks


  • Garry Ward

    I just groomwd my beard…its amazing

  • Mec-One

    He was never on ….. Rhianna run through these simps like a temp agency

  • Stavros Hölbling

    I bet Young Metro told Future he didn’t trust her…

  • Smoolet Willis

    Hey Where My Emcee’s at?? Its Ned Over Here
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