Drake And Offset Both Get Some Fancy New Ice [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

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  • smith jones

    Lol talk about wasted money.. them shits look corny.just cause you rich and famous don’t mean you got taste..

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Wasted money? You do realize that jewelry depreciates slower than cars, houses, and all the other shit they buy. Trust me, the resell value of jewelry is high…. On another note, they both blinging and I’d own both if it were possible.

      • TheRenaissanceMan

        Lmfao these diamonds are not appreciating- they’re worth nothing, it depends on the jewellery you buy these guys just wasted a lot of money

        • ChiTownT

          You do understand that part of being a successful high profile entertainer is imaging, especially with the current generation. The $ is not wasted @ all bruh because just like me and you many people are currently discussing the shit

        • Craig

          We all waste a certain amount of money based on our income level…. This is at his income level…. plus if drake sold that chain later on…. He would get more than he paid because his name adds value. Plus if the jewels are all well kept they will always hold their value. These are one of one pieces.

          • smith jones

            Idc about resell these chains are still corny as shit a iced out owl? Or a iced out rain drop..

        • BigHomie

          Just cause you say they arent worth nothin doesn’t make your statment true, and if it depends don’t yo dumb ass think 2 mfs with more than 6ms to their name aint get that jewelry that “depends”….you haten ass nigga

    • kushxchevys

      Nigga gold is a investment u dum as hell lol