Drake And Jennifer Lopez Seem To Be Dating

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  • andrew scott

    if he hits that he is a legend. diddy will probably put a hit out on him.

    • Leff phield

      You funny for that one. Gotta luv it!!!

      • catherine-smith-95@mail.ru

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    • prettyboiflack

      Lls!!! Nobuuussshhhh

  • Vulqn

    Damn. She’s still Jenny from the block.

  • kushxchevys

    Spanish bitch jlo dope money pablo

  • he who shall not be named

    Im not even jealous my last girl looked like j lo

    • Frank Reynolds


  • poppy magooo

    This dude is the man

  • Frank Reynolds

    hahah got so close to the fuckin reporter

  • Konfuzed

    The upgade misspelling bothers me o_0

  • Lol shoe

    Jenny from the Block, Don’t make the same mistake these other niggas by marrying her.

  • Food4Thought

    Jlo still in my top 5..Drake vagina hitlist is starting to become legendary..Salute to that man

  • yung

    Drizzy just cant lose

  • Doran williams

    nigga puff wild tight lol

  • Leekluv216

    He gotta smash J-Lo out of spite. Diddy put hands on him back in the day, the only revenge is pipping his ex lmao

  • Craig

    Cant hate on that.

  • yolkipalki69

    i wonder if she got that nasty roast beef looking twat


      This Mutha either way I’m eating that shit dumb comment man lol

      • yolkipalki69

        lmaooo , na if that shit looks like that nasty Roast beef ….. ima just catch some head and try some ass action….no way man, that shit is a no go

  • Jay Tech

    he likes them older, she likes them younger-

    perfect for each other- Drake gonna get that green card.

  • Joshua Spurgeon

    Salute to Drake. I can’t lie that J. Lo is hot but I ain’t never found her all that sexy or anything but I do know Drake winning if he got her though

  • UnderratedTruth

    Dude would be a fool not to pursue that pussy but I definitely wouldn’t wife her!

  • duh

    So every chick he do a song with the media claims he dating them